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October 15, 2019

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MPower Spirit Winner!

July 7, 2019

MPOWER Spirit Award



It is now Wednesday and I am still totally overwhelmed with my whole MPower Awards experience . I am writing this not only to share with you but also as a bit of diary entry because I never want to forget last weekend.


As I drove down my road I cranked the volume up on the car stereo and I mean I cranked it UP, UP! The sun was shining, I was singing (read squawking, I cant sing) along to my old fave tunes and I felt utterly me and utterly free. The past weeks had been all very busy and a little stressful. All my energy was focused on my family, personal and work goals, my energy channelled to create uplifting positivity for myself and my family. Today was a day and a night when I wasn’t going to think about any of those things………….. today was a day where I could listen to loud music, take my time doing what I wanted and get excited about going out for the evening, talking to grown ups, being inspired and wearing a lovely dress.


The microwave on wheels I was driving got parked and I hauled my 32 week pregnant bump over the road with ALL my bags (mainly filled with an array of different soft drinks hahaha) and navigated my way to the Crown Plaza Hotel…………After google mapping which direction to go in and it trying to take me through undergrowth I decided to just head for the giant World Resorts complex. Yessss I had struck gold….there was my hotel. After a lot of faffing around I had taken 5 steps around a corner and there it was hooray!



The grounds of the Resort complex were beautiful so I had planned to just 'dump and run' (dump my stuff in the room and head out for a walk), maybe a spot of yoga on some grass, read a passage or two from a book or write up some notes on a project I am working on. Instead I got into the room and pretty much stripped of...It was sooooo hot………...I am pretty sure the aircon was pumping out warm not cold air.


After a bit of chillaxing I wondered off and out under the limitless blue skies of Birmingham. I felt as if I was on a holiday abroad as I walked past people socialising and dining alfresco. The sun was turning everything golden, my skin, the flecks on top of the water and my glasses were definitely allowing me to see life through a Rose Gold tint. It was such a pleasure to just meander around taking in all the new sights. One that I really enjoyed was that of a statue, called 'Beyond All Limits'.


It was actually designed with Help For Heroes in mind but to me, at that moment it reached out to me personally. I felt that I was beyond my everyday, beyond all of my daily routines and responsibilities and beyond my worries. I was in a bubble, an MPower bubble that was beyond all limits. As I stood and gazed at the statue I thought about how important it is to feel limitless. How important it is to value your dreams, ambitions and goals. I felt a zing of excitement at the prospect of meeting lots of new people, women who had obliterated 'limits' to achieve their goals and dream