Yoga Mouse

Starts School

Little Mouse wakes up one day and he doesn't feel as strong as normal, he feels all 'wibbly, wobbly'. This sensitive yet empowering book explores how Little Mouse could use Yoga in his school day to help him get through the challenges that could come his way. 

This story and the oodles of resources that come with it were born from a a mother wanting to help her son to settle into a new school. It doesn't focus on the details of the school day because this is different for each class, each year group....... it focuses on taking the magic of yoga with you. Almost as if you could pack it up in your new backpack and unleash it as and when you need it. 



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This isn't 'Just' a story this is YOUR story. A story that I have created for YOU & your child to explore, fully experience & make into your own so that it can really help your family make  the transition to......

Starting Nursery

Starting School

Changing Schools

Starting a new Year Group

Returning to School after the holidays

Returning to School after a 'bad day'

I want to give you as many resources as I can to help you bridge this change from old to new. So that the change that you and your child are going through seems that bit easier and that bit more positive and even empowering.

the story plus these Yoga Mouse resources....

  • Yoga Mouse asana check list
  • dice template
  • power bracelet template
  • power badge template
  • affirmation mirror guide
  • certificate for first day and first week at school/nursery
  • Information post card to give to your child's teacher explaining what they have practised/rehearsed at home.