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Baby Yoga & Massage

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What happens in a class?

This course has been designed to nurture both Mother & Baby. It is most suitable for babies 8 weeks+ although I am specially trained in Newborn massage and yoga so if you have a very young baby please get in touch to discuss attending a newborn session or I can differentiate for you during the Baby Yoga & Massage 5 week course.


Each week we cover the same core themes but build and develop knowledge and practice. Once we have reached week 4 we will have covered all of the Yoga Asanas (at a level suitable for each individual baby). Week 5 allows us to run through everything you have learnt over the past 4 weeks and celebrate the babies development. 

From Week 2 onwards we will incorporate some Baby Massage into the session focusing on a different part of your baby each week.

Why Combine Massage & Yoga?

By learning both of these holistic activities and therapies you are able to help soothe, aid and settle your baby. Infact you will be able to use alot of the techniques learnt not just whilst your little one is a baby but you can grow and adapt your practice along with them.


From week 3 of the course I start to discuss and show you how you can combine your massage & yoga to help with digestive issues, soothing a cold, aiding in teething pain and misery and much more.


This is a lovely class to come to learn, bond and find relaxation. 

In a typical class we will explore;

  • Parent relaxation

  • Baby dry massage for relaxation

  • Hip and leg sequences

  • Prone positions

  • Chest, shoulders and arms (to encourage baby yoga relaxed breathing)

  • Bilateral coordination sequence

  • Balance and core muscle sequence

  • Baby Yoga holds

  • Dips and swings

  • Gentle stretches for Mum

  • Baby Massage (wk2 intro to massage leg and reflexology, week 3 back massage, week 4 arms and chest, week 5 tummy)

  • Relaxation/meditation

  • Refreshments and discussion time