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Create Your Own Affirmation (FREE Guide)

This is POWERFUL STUFF 💥and its ALL INSIDE YOU 🙌 waiting to be utalised.💫.....
Create Your Own Affirmation (FREE Guide)

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If there was ever a time that we could all do with positive vibes 🙌 and 'sunshine thinking', it is definitely NOW!! 🌞 . I have affirmations all around the house🏠 and they have really helped me✌. Life can get pretty full on at times and affirmations can help to bring you back to  feeling grounded, present and positively empowered.💪 . There is nothing wishy, washy about affirmations. They helped me though child birth 👶and they continue to help me on my parenting journey👩‍👧‍👦. I can be in the middle of helping my son through an Autism melt down, my 16 month old could also be crying 😭because of the melt down, my hernia hurting🥴 from holding my daughter and inside just feeling like the world is not at all with me........ 😔 . Then I catch sight of an affirmation💬 and its just what I need to help me 'reset'. 💫 . Sometimes its like you get sucked into a vortex of negativity..👎... but its not reall. I mean yes everything happening around me in that example was reall BUT how I react, how I deal with it and how I think💭 about it can all be reframed, and YOU can do this too.🙌 . You really have nothing to loose. Just a little peak at my guide and boom 💥 your on the way to affirmation bliss ✨. . Simply sign up and your FREE guide will instantly be sent to your email inbox! If you dont receive it please check your junk mail!!! . xx Colette xx

p.s I would love to hear what you think of the guide and what affirmations it helps you to create. 

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