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Why Yoga For Kids?

WOW, where do I start here?.......There are so many reasons, so many benefits for children to explore Yoga with their family, on their own and within a school based setting. I doubt you have time right now to read alllllllllllll about it so I am just going to tell you my vision for Colette Bruce Yoga;

'For child to connect and bond with themselves, with their family and the world around them, through the magic of Yoga.

My Yoga classes and Teacher Training Course written for Blossom & Berry are cantered around empowering you as a parent.  Yoga can offer positive & FUN strategies to help your family through the ups and downs of babyhood (with Little Lotus Baby Yoga),  toddler life, childhood and beyond.


Yoga is NOT about 'perfection' or even staying focussed 100% of the time. It is about engaging. Engaging in the moment, engaging with yourself, with your body, with your mind and your emotions. It can help you and your child to unlock your senses and to create balance and harmony through your self as a whole.

This may sound like ALOT for a child to be able to access, BUT I have seen it for myself in class and at home. Yoga has the power to bring fun, love, connection and calmness and it can do that from birth.

My class motto is that I want parents to leave a session learning at least 1 take away tool or technique to try out at home. Something that they and their child connected with during the session or that they feel with practise could really help.

Did You Know....

Yoga can aid with...

  • Body awareness

•       Emotional awareness

•       Mind & body connection

•       Learning techniques to help to self calm

•       Developing focus

•       Physical fitness including strength and muscle tone

  • Balance

  • Sensory systems to be positively activated

  • Speech & language skills

  • Literacy skills

•       Quality sleep

My Kid Doesn't Like Yoga

Don't worry!!.....Here are some top tips for helping your child to LOVE YOGA....

Tip no. 1

YOU are your child's biggest hero their first teacher so maybe they just need to see you do some yoga for yourself!! Sometimes if a child sees that their parent is investing time and energy into an activity for themselves they will value it more. If you want your child to explore some Yoga but have never allowed yourself time and energy to do so how do you expect your child to value its offerings?

You could either explore some children's yoga yourself or practice your adult yoga routines during a time that they will see you and maybe even interact with you as you practise (check out some adult yoga >>>>> )


Tip No. 2

Use their favourite story book. As you read the book sneak in some yoga. For example if you are reading Dear Zoo you could pretend to be lions and do Lions Breath or pretend to be giraffes and do Giraffe Pose. 

Tip No. 3

Use toys. What is your child's current favourite game or toy? Is there someway that you could create some active movement within this play? For example if your child likes playing with Dinosaurs you could be prehistoric animals together, role play and incorporate my T-Rex yoga asana as well as Tree Pose, tiger pose for Sabretooth tiger etc.... 

Tip No4.

Explore different times of the day. The likelihood is that in doing this you will find that you are naturally in different parts of the house as well. Your child may prefer to explore yoga in the morning when they start to rev up their energy levels or maybe in the evening as part of a bed time routine to help soften out the wriggles and giggles so they can just relax their body right down. 

Tip No 5. 

Take a moment to check out the environment around you (inc. lighting, sounds, smells, temperature, resources on offer/distractions, soft furnishings on the floor or a hard floor)...... We want the children to be comfortable, to feel safe and to be able to engage. Sometimes having a little toy tiddy up before your yoga or simply throwing a blanket over a BIG MESS can help to calm down the distractions. 

Tip No.6

The time (are they wired after nursery and just need some zoning out time? are they over tired, hungry............... Play around with the time of day to find what suits you and your child). Think about what it is you a transitioning from as you try and steer you and your child into some yoga.  What activity did you explore before yoga? Is this a good feeder activity or is it conflicting?

Tip No7.

Could you go shopping for a special yoga mat for your child? Or BETTER STILL if you are exploring yoga on the carpet at home you could make one together out of an old blanket/towel! The point here is creating a special resources that can help your child to transition into yoga activity. It also gives them an element of control as they are making a decision or creating something themselves. 

Tip No8.

Communication. This is a BIG one! Id like you to think about HOW you are introducing the idea of doing some yoga to your child. What language are you using? What facial expressions, body language are you offering and finally what does the space that you are inviting them into look like?

Each child is unique and may require a tinkering of the communication for them to feel the WANT, the DESIRE to join in. 

My son is Autistic. He loves Yoga but will not engage in it if I were to say 'Hey lets go do some yoga'! Instead I have to draw him in with a book, story or play. My daughter who is 15 months will bring me the My First Yoga book to signal that she wants to explore some yoga. You can see that they are very different. Below is a video of us doing yoga and at the start Ren is ADAMANT he doesn't want to do any yoga (bit of Demand Avoidance creeping in there) you witness a total change of heart in a small amount of time. 

If you have ANY questions please do get in touch

xx Colette xx

My First Yoga

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