Family Yoga

                       suitable for 2yrs +


What is Family Yoga?


Family Yoga is beautiful because it is all centred around love, fun, bonding and learning. It is not about perfection or 'being the best'it's about individuals exploring a story, exploring movement of the body, trust, communication and love. These classes can become a very special time in your day or week where you can forget EVERYTHING in your life and just focus on the moment in time that you are standing in. Giving your full attention to yourself and your child/children. 

You are your child's first and most important teacher. Your little one may learn about phonics and number patterns at school but they learn about LIFE, PEOPLE, RELATIONSHIPS and so much more with you. Just by being in your company, watching you and copying you they are building their character,, their self esteem and their FUTURE.


This sounds serious and quite heavy! Hey, I'm a mum, I know the weight of parenting can feel pretty heavy at times. But creating time and space for fun together is so important and trying to remember #lovenotcontrol can really lighten the load. 


Attending Family Yoga is sooooooo much fun on surface level. When we dig a little deeper its clear that through Yoga we are actually guiding and teaching soooooo much to our children.


Here is a brief exploration of  how & what (full blog coming soon);

  • By sharing an experience together where you are focused on each other you are showing how much value you place on your time together.

  • Letting go of 'perfection' and allowing you and your child to explore and try new things/moves/ideas in a fluid, calm and natural way. 

  • Learning about the yoga mat and what we do on it and around it. This helps with when you get home and you roll out the yoga mat. You can talk about what you use it for in class, how we use it and even try & remember some of the stories or create your own!

  • Experiencing being part of a community together. Each week you will turn up to the class and the same parents & children will be there. Each week you are modeling to your child interacting with new faces & spaces.

  • Plus all the learning planned into the content of each and every class.


What happens

in a class?

A typical class will explore these same themes in the same order each week. The changing elements each week are the resources that we may use, the Asanas that we are building and progressing through and the story.In a Term the final class will explore a story that takes us through the Asanas that we have learnt this term.

  • Kids Yoga Breathing

Exploring different resources & games to help us become aware of our breath

  • Silly Silence Movement 

games that encourage being silent and explore what quiet is

  •  Story Yoga

Using the Asanas we have learned within a story/song

  •  Relaxation

Learning and practising ways to help our bodies and minds to relax

  • Relaxing activity craft

More Than Just A Class......

Exploring Family Yoga with Little Lotus Baby (St Albans Venue) means that you not only get to explore the physical class but you will also;

  • Receive class notes each week to support your home practise which include;

  • Weekly info about #lovenotcontrol Yoga Parenting......helping to create a calmer clan

  • FREE entry Into the Little Lotus Baby online Private Members Club 

  • Some weeks you will be able to take home something created in the activity part of the class to help promote home practice and engagment with the story & asanas.

  • Certificate at the end of the course

How Can Yoga

Aid My Child's Development?

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