Kids              Yoga

Kids Yoga is held at the LIttle Lotus Baby Studio in Hemel and is a great way for children to rest and unwind after a week at school. There are no more than 5 children in a class creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere. 

Parents are welcome to stay an watch (babys and siblings also welcome) but I have only allocated space for the children to participate in the physical side of the Yoga. This is a bit different to Toddler Yoga where parents participate as well. At this age I am encouraging independence, self esteem and awareness of yoga tools that the children can use for themselves. 


Each week you will be emailed details about the class content and what to expect for the next week. This enables you and your child to  transfer the learning from the Yoga Studio to home.  

For more indepth information get in touch or check out the class  event page  

What Happens in a class? 

  • Kids Yoga Breathing

​Before we start any movement in class we will get ourselves settled onto our mats and explore some fun and calming breathing games.These help the kids to become aware of their breathe and how thy can use it to help create calmness in their mind & body. 

Silly Silence Warm Up

Movement & games that encourage being silent . This helps children to explore what quiet is in a fun way. So that silence doesn't seem scarey or a bad thing.

Story Yoga

Using the magic of story we will go on a yoga adventur together.

Sensory Relaxation

Learning to tune into how our bodies feel after all of the excitement and movement of the Yoga Story Adventure. 


(Some of these elements may change and evolve as the session unfolds).

More than an after school class

By joining a LIttle Lotus Baby class you no only get to explore the physical class but you will also;

  • Receive class notes each week to support your home practise which include;

  • Weekly info about #lovenotcontrol Yoga Parenting......helping to create a calmer clan

  • Entry Into the Little Lotus Baby online Private Members Club for only £5!

  • Some weeks you will be able to take home something created in the activity part of the class to help promote home practice and engagment with the story & asanas.

  • Certificate at the end of the course

  • Invitateion to get in touch any time to discuss your home practise.

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