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Kids Crystal Yoga

As a kid I was so enchanted by crystals and I am not the only one. Every child I meet loves rocks, stones and crystals. I developed this mini series in response to a request for some yoga to help bring some calm to group of children who were feeling a bit stressed out and frazzled.


- Check out the free Crystal Story Yoga adventure part 1 above

If you like it and want more then you can sign up for the rest of the mini series for just £4.99! This price includes;


Part 1 - how to positively charge yourself & your crystals

Explores the crystals and how we can use them by;

 1. bringing out any negative vibes or feelings to make room in our hearts for more positive

. 2. filling our hearts with positivity 

 3. re- energizing our body .


In each section we explore the stone, some breathing, movement and visualization.


If you don't have crystals you might like to still join in and instead of using crystals you could find things around your home that are the same colours and charge these instead. 


Part 2 The Crystal Story Yoga Adventure

Once you have completed part one you can progress to explore the Crystal Story Yoga Adventure that includes a new planet, Pegasus horse, glitter capped mountains and so many more surprises. . Creating a magical story like this, moving to it, breathing with it can really help children to step out of their reality, out of a funk and into possibility, positivity and ultimately relaxation.

Part 3 Relaxation

Carry on the journey and find out what happens in this concluding yoga story with relaxation to finish.

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