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I am so excited to share lots of fun content with you all to help you REALLY make the most of the book. 

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Ecah month (or week during Covid Lock Down) receive;

- The next video installment in the story yoga adventure

- Content to help you continue your use of the book at home

- Ideas, games and crafts to help you extend your exploration of the story



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Joining along with the video.......

  • - You can explore the video as soon as you get your copy of the book to introduce it or as a way to re-ignite interest.

  • - exploring story yoga can help your child to enhance their love of literacy. Maybe thinking of their own yoga stories, enhancing their literacy skills and making literacy seem more accessible and free flowing. Receive tips and activities around this as we progress through the series.

  • - You can explore this any time, really is a unique experience for you and your child.  

  • - If you want to join in and do the yoga alongside/with your child that's FABULOUS and will emphasise to them how important yoga and this time is for you both.

  • - Learning together...... learn the poses together, discuss which ones you find tricky, which ones you found easier and which was your favourite. Show some vulnerability.....we aren't all perfect at everything, its ok to wobble in Tree pose or to not reach your toes! Be ok with this and enjoy the journey to developing, evolving and growing your abilities together.

There are so many benefits to exploring yoga with your child and these will be discussed in your monthly email.



Check out the video will see that Ren initially does NOT want to explore any yoga....... but that soon changes and we ended up having THE BEST TIME together.  You will see that we don't do the standard 'Cloud Pose' , we are doing our own version together hahahah. This is fine! Infact this is better than fine this is bonding, this is love, this is having fun, relaxing and exploring movement....this IS yoga. So just go with it. Enjoy yourselves and see where it takes you.

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