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Isolation With Kids: Activity 1

Activity; Yoga play

Subject areas; Physical, fine motor exercise & yoga gross motor, EAD/imaginary play, maths (can add counting, number matching, shape and size chat), phonics (could think about sounds the animals make, initial letter sounds, identifying and matching letters to sounds)

Resources; clear boxes, animal figures or/& your child's face figures to rescue out of the boxes. to add maths of phonics element write no./letters on paper or card and cut up.


for this game we used our 'Incredible Family' figures but you can use ANY TOYS that fit into your clear lidded boxes. for the yoga part you will need pictures or toy animals (representing some poses you know or you could make up your own).

1. this is the important part!!!!! setting the scene!!!!!!......》》》》》》 'oh my gosh come and look what's happened ***** need our help, quick'. this tactic has even managed to get ren off his iPad!!!


2. ask your child........what can you see? listen to their answer.....their idea might be a fab game to play.....let the lead and interweave your maths/phonics chat if you wish.


3. explain the game 》》》 'the incredibles are trapped! each incredible has a ninja animal with them. but oh no they are sleeping!!! the only way to wake them is with some 'Ninja Aminal Yoga'. (you can change this to fairy yoga or what ever). then they will wake up and gave the power to lift their lid, yaaaayy.


4. LETS PLAY 》》》 look at the first box/layer and check what animal it is??? say the name, identify the phonics sound if you like and discuss the shape of the box. Now explore moving your body with your Ninja Animal Yoga..... HAVE FUN with this!!! (remember kids yoga is about strength NOT flexibility. keep knees and elbows soft and bent).


5. carry on with all your boxes, celebrating after opening each one.



♡ once all the boxes are open middle the lids and match all the different lids and boxes together. As you do this discuss size, shape, colour etc


☆ use the boxes and lids to build a castle/tower/construction for your toys to play/live in


♧ draw/pant/craft a picture ot something to represent what you have done, to capture the story you created.


let me know how you get on!!!

xx Colette xx

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