Whether this is your first or 5th baby you will still be growing as a Mother and as a family in many different ways. This area of the website and this online course is here to support you in this journey.  


 This is all about YOU! Giving YOU tools, techniques and ideas to explore and use during your 4th trimester.....Learning the techniques explored in this course can;

☆ Help you to stay calm and feel empowered
☆ Aid babies with colic, wind & constipation
☆ Help relax your baby during the 4th trimester
☆ Help you to find your own style of parenting

New Mama & Baby Online

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  • The contents of this course has been carefully considered using my professional expertise in Baby Massage & Baby Yoga as well as my personal experience of using these holistic activities and therapies.

    During this course you will combine video tutorials with home reading that you can download, you are welcom to contact me at any time.

    This is a very gentle, easy to follow course suitable for all ages. offering oppertunities to bond with your baby and yourself as the new Mother that you have be

  • There are no refunds offered for this product..... unless you or your baby have a medical reason as to why you were unable to explore the course after purchasing it. 

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