What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ‘ray-kee’) is a Japanese form of healing which activates the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  It is a holistic therapy that treats each person as a ‘whole’. It works on many levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - to restore balance and harmony in mind, body and spirit.

Reiki is entirely safe and can be experienced by anyone, of any age.  Reiki is not a religion and you don’t have to have any particular beliefs in order for it to work.  All that is needed is an open mind!

What are the benefits of reiki?

Reiki can indeed help with physical ailments and reduce pain but you don’t have to be ill to enjoy the positive effects of Reiki!  It has many benefits and helps to restore balance on all levels.  Some of the ways in which Reiki can help include:

  • Instilling deep relaxation & calm

  • Easing stress, anxiety & depression

  • Accelerating the body’s self-healing process

  • Helping in the management of pain

  • Releasing negative thoughts & emotions

  • Increasing focus & clarity of mind

  • Improving sleep patterns

  • Boosting energy levels

  • Promoting a positive outlook and sense of wellbeing

Reiki is a complementary therapy that works effectively alongside conventional healthcare treatment and medication.  In fact, Reiki has become much more mainstream over recent years and is now commonly used in hospitals and hospices. Please note, medical advice should always be sought from a GP if you have any health concerns.

What to expect from your reiki experience.........

Appointments take place in the tranquil surroundings of my studio treatment room in Hemel.  Before the treatment there will be a short confidential consultation to establish the reason for your visit and give you a chance to ask any questions.  During the Reiki healing you will remain fully clothed and lie on your back on a treatment couch.  Soft music is played to aid relaxation.  My hands are placed above your body to allow the Reiki energy to flow.  I slowly work through various hand positions starting at your head and finishing at your feet.


 Your appointment lasts approximately 1 hour and this includes your introduction consultation, the treatment and time to have a glass of water and a chat after your treatment. 

Although no two clients are the same, it is common to experience a sense of deep relaxation during a Reiki treatment and you may even find yourself drifting off to sleep. Don’t worry if you do, as the Reiki energy will work regardless.  Some people may feel warmth or coolness from my hands whilst others may see colours or feel tingly.  You may enjoy a sense of peace and inner calm. It really is a unique experience and can differ each time you have a treatment. 

How does reiki work?

Reiki works on the principle that there are 7 main energy centres in the body known as ‘chakras’ which can become imbalanced or blocked due to the strains and stresses of everyday life.  This can prevent the natural energy that runs through our bodies to flow freely.  If our energy is blocked or low, then we may feel out of sorts, stressed or ill.  On the other hand, if our energy is strong and free-flowing we are more likely to feel balanced, healthy and a sense of wellbeing.   This energy is sometimes referred to as ‘lifeforce energy’ or ‘prana’ or ‘chi.’

A Reiki practitioner channels the healing energy by placing their hands in various positions on or above the client’s body.  Reiki flows from the practitioner’s hands to re-align and balance these energy centres in order to restore harmony in mind, body and spirit.

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How often should i have reiki?

Some people enjoy occasional Reiki treatments whilst others prefer a course of weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions to help with a particular condition or maintain a sense of wellbeing. It really is an individual choice and we can discuss your needs at your appointment. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or you would like to book a Reiki appointment.

about your reiki therapist

 I had a Reiki treatment along time ago and felt it was 'Nice'. I then visited a therapist who is now my Reiki Master and I was totally blown away by the experience! I wanted to learn more about this holistic therapy and I qualified in  my Reiki 1 allowing me to treat myself, family and friends. I learnt alot during this time and got more and more interested in the positivity that Reiki could create.

I decided to take my Reiki 2 qualification so that I could be a Practitioner,and REiki Therapist and open my doors to my LIttle Lotus Baby Mums.Motherhood can take alot of energy from a woman as we juggle a thousand different areas of life, emotions, and 'to do' lists!