Massage + Dad + Baby = Happiness

Baby massage isn't just for Mum's! It is a really valuable bonding experience for Dad's to!

The early days of Fatherhood can be a stressful, worrying and uncertain time. Many Fathers find it hard to initially form a close attachment with their infants (in the early postpartum period). A U.S study sought to determine if infant massage assisted fathers with decreasing stress and increasing bonding with their babies during this time.

The study concluded that Baby Massage;

  • Helped to improve fathers parenting experiences (even in the face of potential increases in general life stresses)

  • Offered a positive experience of meeting other fathers and enjoying the opportunity to share their fathering experiences decreasing feelings of isolation and depression.

  • Taught fathers about caregiving sensitivity and increased feelings of attachment

  • Increased fathers feelings of competence, role acceptance, spousal support

75% of the Fathers studied would recommend Baby Massage to others.

If you are interested in;

  • Fathers only baby massage group

  • Mother and Father workshops

  • Father only workshop (1 off session for busy Dads)

  • Gift Vouchers for Dads

Please get in touch…..Little Lotus Baby welcomes and encourages Fathers to get involved and enjoy their new little baby bundles.

For the full study into Baby Massage and its relation to aiding Fathers please click on the link below;

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