Art For The New Studio......

Materials are being delivered for the Little Lotus Baby Studio so we are getting very excited! My Little Lotus Baby & I decided to make some art for studio.

It was from an idea I had seen on Pinterest........

So here is what we did;

I squirted some paints onto the canvas and then wrapped the canvas in clingfilm. I brown taped the edges of the clingfilm to the wood frame of the canvas. I then added 3 more layers of cling film (you can add more) to ensure little fingers didn't get through to the paint.

I then showed My Little Lotus Baby what to do and he patted, bashed and swished his hands around the canvas. There was lots of gurgles and giggles of appreciation as the paint spread, mixed and created patterns and new shades. We will definitely do this again.

Send in photos of your art if you try this, we would love to see and celebrate your creations.


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