Chit Chat Play Mat

As I closed the door to the studio today I felt so uplifted and elated. Not only had The 1st Little Lotus Baby 'Chit Chat Play Mat' session taken place but Mums had come together to support, unite and encourage one another...............magical!

As I posted on Instagram earlier in the week.....It is so easy to get dragged into the 'Mummy Milestone Microcosm' with all the hype and demands around; Are they sleeping through? Do they do this? Do they do that? Are you breast feeding or bottle feeding/weaning/baby leading/co-sleeping/self soothing/going to this or that class....................

I felt so empowered (as a mummy myself) today after discussing an array of topics, exploring peoples different experiences, concerns, plans & then.............. agreeing that;

YOU are Mummy, YOU know your baby so just do what makes you & baby happy. Don't worry about 'keeping up with the Jones'. Get to know the Love between you and your little one and feel secure in your parenting choices.

The little ones all played gorgeously together it was such a pleasure to welcome them. Thank you to Caroline from Stork and The Bees for being our wonderful Guest Speaker today and showcasing all her slings........I am definitely going to be investing in one!

WATCH THIS SPACE for the next Chit Chat Play Mat session.

x Colette

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