Easter Relaxation

Easter and the start of Spring is such an exciting and vibrant time of the year. However, it can also be very busy with lots of travel to see family or going on holidays. This can lead to the disruption of general day to day routines that babies get used to, over-stimulation and lots of sitting in car seats/travel systems (which aren’t fantastic for babies hips and digestive systems). All this can lead to Mummy/Daddy & baby feeling frazzled and a little stressed…...But it doesn't have to be like that.

Why is it important to relax?

Becoming mindful of your feelings and how to stay in the relaxed zone is important and what better time to start than just before Easter. Many people view the feeling of relaxation as being an indulgence. I want to try and eliminate this limiting vision and instead empower parents to embrace relaxation as an essential tool that is used for encouraging a healthy & happy family.

When you are feeling more relaxed you are better equiped to give your baby all the love and attention that they need and enjoy you will be able to enjoy doing this as well. Feeling positivity from your interactions with your baby, feed your feelings of love and happiness enabling you to fall into a natural cycle of positive emotions and interactions.

What happens if you don't allow yourself relaxation?

Leaving yourself to run dry and continue trying to function on 'empty' means that you are allowing stress to creep in.

Babies are the same, if they are unable to relax & re-energise, their stress levels are likely to rise. This can become a serious matter, affecting not only sleep & feeding but also their outward behaviour and social interactions.

If parent & baby are feeling stressed it becomes harder to facilitate positive interactions which can impact upon;

Parental confidence

Overall happiness

Energy levels

Babies sense of security - can become more clingy

Babies sleep & feeding

You are your baby's super hero...their role model. Being in a cycle of stress can demonstrate to them that this is the best way to function. Rather than teaching them about the natural rhythms and flow of life. Learning that stressful and different things do happen is natural and very much a part of life. The important part is demonstrating that you can make positive decisions and take positive actions to help overcome the stress and move back into a more relaxed state.

In fact you can go one step further and nurture your child so that they are more likely to develop into stress-resilient adults just by using 'nurturing touch' through hugs, skin to skin contact Baby Massage & Baby Yoga.

How can baby massage & yoga help?

Baby Massage & Yoga can aid parents and babies to find a relaxed state together as well as on their own. Before I even get into the nitty gritty of the hows and whys baby massage and yoga are important just think about this;

TOUCH. A simple, gentle, loving touch can evoke a powerful feeling of well-being which is the same for adults, children & babies. So just think about how powerful a focused massage can be in promoting positivity in the body and mind.

But it's not just about touch, the power of parental sensitivity and responsiveness –(the ability to “read" a baby’s cues and give him what he needs) is deeply important. Both baby massage and yoga encourage parents to explore their baby's communications allowing them to secure, enhance and forge an extra special bond. The element of just pressing 'pause' on the world around and focusing your attention on what your baby is trying to communicate is practised and explored in both Baby Massage & Yoga.

Physical contact full of love and warmth triggers the release of several stress-busting chemicals in the brain, including oxytocin (the “love hormone") and endogenous opioids (natural painkillers). These have a calming effect and help switch off the production of cortisol. The brain is then more likely to develop a long-term pattern of resilience to stress.

The Easter Relaxation workshop explores Baby Massage & Baby Yoga routines to help both parent and baby to find relaxation together. This is something that once learned you will be able to practise together from baby to toddler and beyond! It is a life skill that will set you up with a tool kit that you can use at home, on holiday, during loooong journeys…..anytime, anywhere.

But don't just take my word for it…….

"Both myself & Evie loved our massage classes! Evie is well & truly on the move (crawling), we are able to bond through massage in all sorts of situations"

- Mummy to Baby Evie

"What a wonderful bonding experience. It was so enjoyable for both me and my baby. The class was very relaxed but also informative. You can understand when and how to use the techniques at home. Highly recommend!"

- Mummy to Baby Tilly

We had a lovely time at the Soothe Settle & Sleep workshop. I left with a beautiful sensation of peace and love inspired by your beautiful and relaxing surroundings created in your studio.

I have done both baby massage and baby yoga before with a very good and very experienced teacher; I was equally impressed with your knowledge and method to deliver the class. I absolutely love how much you have explained to us regarding the ‘how' and ‘why’ of postures and techniques as it makes a big difference to me to know why we are - or not - doing something.

-Mummy to Baby Josephine Rose

For more information on the Little Lotus Baby courses and workshops please visit;


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