The 4th Trimester

Question for you....... does the '4th trimester' ever end? - OR - are we destined to always seek out that feeling of safety, love and warmth once experienced in the womb?...... As humans we are programmed to LOVE, COMMUNICATE & SURVIVE. The 4th Trimester is about exploring this in the world and as parents we need to nurture and aid this. Re-creating the safety of the womb within the world is a great start to achieving a happy transition. But why stop this nurture as your child grows? If it's what they need extend the 'womb love' them to feel safe, confident and loved ♡X♡ Book onto the Soothe, Settle & Sleep 2 week course to learn how massage, yoga & your home environment can aid with this transition from womb to world. #4thtrimester #baby #littlelotusbaby#soothesettleandsleep #parentsofinstagram#mummycourses #relaxedmummy #relaxedtoddler#relaxedbaby #babymassage #babyyoga#blossomandberry


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