Going on Holiday with your Baby...

Going on holiday with your baby is so exciting and can be really fun. However the lead up to the holiday can be stressful as you rack your brain to check you have thought of everything that you will need. You have probably got repetitive strain injury in your hand after scouting about on line searching for advise on what to take etc.

One thing that is really helpful to take on holiday is your knowledge of Baby Massage &/or Baby Yoga. This will help you pretty much every step of the journey as well as during your holiday and returning from your memory making trip of dreams.

Here are some examples of how you can use baby massage & yoga on holiday;


The act of traveling can be stressful even to a carefree teenager on a gap year! Pop a baby in the mix and 2 frazzled parents and it just went up a couple of notches on the rstressometer! So here is where the relaxation breathing techniques, empowered parenting (love not control) and visualisations come into play and can quickly bring you from boiling point back down to room temperature.

Ensuring your baby is relaxed and happy will really help the rest of your holiday party to feel the carefree vibes of holiday mode.....so a simple back massage, some reflexology or sleepy stokes facial can all be performed with baby in your arms of laying across your lap on a train, plane or boat!

If you are doing a lot of traveling by car and you may like to help your baby to feel more comfortable in their car seat by relieving their hips with some hip and leg focussed massage and yoga. Stuck in traffic jams can be a night mare so why not sit in the back with your baby and give them a little facial or some reflexology whilst the sit in their car seat.....or try some of the sensory relaxation games that are explored in a Little Lotus Baby session.

Get into the holiday vibe

Holidays are about getting away from the everyday, enjoying life, relaxing and having fun. Sometimes babies don't receive this memo and can find the whole experience a little overstimulating as it can be sooooooo vastly different to their normal daily routine and experience (sights, sounds, smells, temperature etc).

You can use baby massage to help baby feel safe, connected and calm. It is a time where all your focus in on baby and can both rest and relax together. Throw in a bit of reflexology and you can help awaken the proprioceptors. This can help your baby to dodge some unwanted overstimulation from all the new sensory experiences and bring some calmness to their nervous system.

Help make getting changed in and out of swim suites and/or extend your stay on the beach (in the shade) with some fun and distracting yoga play. Getting all those wriggles and jiggles out ready for a nap in the shade/car/pram.

Suntan lotion can be a real bore.....make it fun by including some massage strokes into your application! This can be great for all the family.....including you!

Time to go home.......

Coming home after a great holiday can be really energising, but it can also leave you feeling deflated after a few days of being back to normal life. Keep that holiday vibe going by;

  • Get the feel good flow.....Awaken yours & baby's Oxytocine (happy hormone) and feel holiday happy! Massage and yoga can help you to achieve this through face to face communication, touch and loving interactions

  • Get the beach baby vibe and find some relaxation through some shared relaxation activities (available in class and in the Secret FB group)

  • Get out into the fresh air and practise your massage/yoga in the garden, at the park, on the coast etc

  • Take it back to love.

Contact me now to enquire or book onto a course or workshop! Look out for the special 'Holiday' course/workshop coming soon.



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