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I had one of those 'Light Bulb' moments the other day, you know the ones, where you think......ahhhhhaaaaaaa. Today I'm going to share it with you, and I'm going to start off by being really honest. For me, this Light Bulb Moment was initially used within a business plan but the more I wrote about it the more I started to realise that it actually translated into Motherhood with specific nods to Baby Massage & Baby Yoga.

Let me set the scene......

I was sat in a hospital waiting room and my gaze fell upon the fan. It was creating calming white noise, but this was just about all it was achieving. We were all sat there still sweltering in the heat as it desperately swooshed and swished from side to side continuously. Yes it was working really hard but it wasn't achieving it's purpose, it wasn't cooling us down.

This got me thinking.......what would have worked? What would have achieved the goal?

Rather than loads of energy being exerted trying to help everyone, all at the same time and all at once. Maybe it would have been much more beneficial to of helped us individually, one by one.

For example a cup of cold water for each person would have worked wonders. This focussed attention to each individual would of meant a little more effort at first but then thereafter we would be fine on our own with our cold cups of water.

Or instead of the personal service a water cooler that was obviously placed and accessible to everyone would've meant that people could have satisfied this need for themselves and even returned of their own accord.

This last sentence really got me thinking about Baby Massage & Baby Yoga. They can help to teach babies about rest, relaxation, love and gentle touch. Ultimately leading them to explore and find independence grow in confidence.

Let's apply all of this to Motherhood..........

Rather than scattering your energy like the fan and spreading yourself out to try and do as much as you can in the hope that;

  • You will get loads done

  • Your family/friends will feel more loved

  • You will feel more loved

  • This means you are 'successful' may be much more fruitful to;

  • Focus your energy & love

  • Look after yourself

  • Share special calm, slow & relaxed moments with your baby/child

  • Give time to listen, observe and communicate it could give you more time in the long run

As I said before, this Light Bulb Moment was with regards to my business but translated into Motherhood I could see Baby Massage & Baby Yoga ingrained into the message I was receiving;

1. Focus

2. Individualise

3. Satisfy

4. Conserve

FOCUS Baby Massage & Baby Yoga enable you to spend quality, focused time with your baby that is not only beneficial for them but also for you;

INDIVIDUALISE Learning the art of Baby Massage & Baby Yoga means learning to communicate and listen to your baby. Becoming in-tune with their wants, likes and needs. This means that you will be able to adapt the routines to perfectly suit both them and you. This is deeply empowering as a parent and also will help you both to find relaxation and therefor the ultimate goal......happiness.


Start and end your day feeling satisfied......there are loads of ways that we all achieve this. However Baby Massage & Baby Yoga can really help boost this feeling. As mothers we can be vulnerable to feeling that 'Mum guilt'.....have you ever experienced it? The world and our life's are so busy that it can be really easy to allow that feeling to creep in. Especially on a day where you maybe feeling a little frazzled. So why not start and/or end your day with a huge rush of Oxytocin the feel good love hormone (induced by skin to skin touch) by giving your baby a massage or exploring some yoga sequences.

CONSERVE So we are going full circle back to 'focus' here. Baby Massage & Baby Yoga help you to;

  • explore and learn about relaxation

  • communicate and bond with your baby

  • satisfy your baby's needs

  • help them through trick times (colic, wind, constipation, emotional developmental milestones etc)

........and all this helps to give you a boost. A boost of energy and confidence meaning that by focusing your time you are helping to conserve some energy.

I hope this has been helpful. Do get in contact to tell me your story or to find out more about Baby Massage and Baby Yoga.



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