Creating Your Baby Massage Space

September 19, 2017

 Here are some tips about how to choose or create your Baby Massage space at home.......


If you have ever had a massage you will know that the room is normally;

  •  Clean

  • Warm in temperature

  • Lit dimly 

  • Filled with ambient sounds or soft music

  • Softly scented 

The person who is about to carry out your massage speaks in a warm and calm  tone, their hands are clean and warm and they seem happy and relaxed. All these factors contribute to you having a positive massage experience. This is the same for your baby!


If you are stressed and trying to hurry through the massage your  baby can pick up on this. It also means that you will not enjoy it either. So try to ensure that as well as suiting your baby the space helps you to feel happy and relaxed. 


Babies are constantly growing and evolving and your massage space needs to do the same to ensure it is safe and fulfilling for you both. You can be as grand or as basic as you like with your space. It is important though that you are not both overstimulated so try not to;


  • Have the TV blaring 

  • Do it in a busy room

  • Have lots of loud music and movement going on around you

  • Have strong smells (some aromatherapy is not advised for babies)


Check out the slides above for some information and inspiration to help you get started.


Id love to see where your explore Baby Massage.....send me some pics of your special place.







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