Toddlertastic start to the day......

Check out the stills of Ren and I exploring the online Toddler Yoga Workshop in our living room this morning.

I wanted to share these with you for a number of reasons;

1. You don't need loads of space!

We can't all go to a yoga studio to explore toddler yoga and I wanted to show you that even in a small living room you can still have loads of fun exploring toddler yoga together.

2. Its not perfect yoga

As you can see from my postures I am not doing 'perfect' yoga I am having fun introducing Ren to the concept of Yoga and at the same time bonding with him.

3. Happiness

It was very grey and miserable when we got up this morning! we both had our dressing gowns on, lights in the living room were turned on and heating pumped up a notch! However we felt warmer physically and within our hearts/minds after our fun yoga session. There was so much laughter and magic....I think that is clear from the pictures

4. This was the first time

I have been recovering from having an operation which meant I haven't been able to move as well or lift as much as I can normally. Today I felt that we could explore a little bit of the workshop together (I have been desperate to share it with Ren). I chose a time when he seemed content (not over tired or hungry). These pics are of a toddler experiencing this workshop for the first time!

5. Inspire you....

It is so easy to join the Private Members Club! Just sign up and then click on the pay pal link I think in total it is around 4 or 5 clicks!.......Not that strenuous!! and after that you will be able to access sooooooooo many wonderful Mummy and Little One resources! What are you waiting for?

Click on the link to join the Private Members Club & access the Toddler Yoga Workshop and gain access to lots of other lovely parenting resources.



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