Believe and Trust in your #Mamaflow!

I am a Mum, I have Mummy Friends, Mummy Clients and Mummy I am surrounded by Mums all different in their unique Mamaflow yet all bound by their love for their child and mummy worry.

As a Mum it is so easy to worry, there is a zillion things a day, no strike that a second that you could be worrying about. So I really hope that this little micro blog will bring you some comfort.......

When Ren was born I tried breast feeding him and I was very lucky that he naturally took to it and we didn't really encounter too many issues. The months past us by and breastfeeding was still a lovely part of our day and night. Then I noticed something shifting slightly...........Peoples attitudes towards breastfeeding started to change. For instance when I would explain to our GP I couldn't take certain medication because I was Breast Feeding my son (under 22 months old) I would get a raised eyebrow (on more than several occasions!).

Close friends and family could see how much it meant to my son, how it calmed his Silent Reflux, and soothed him when he felt poorly or scared. I knew deep down that I was doing the right thing but I still felt irritated by what others were projecting onto me.

The raised eye brows, the jokes about him wanting to Breast Feed when he was at uni, even the question of 'when will you stop', started to get to me. Worry had weaselled its way into my mind.

Luckily though I had my wonderful #mamaflow and lots of supportive friends and family who encouraged me as a mother to do what I believed was best for my son. With #lovenotcontrol at the core of my life I gently offered Ren alternatives to 'milkies'.

There were a few big changes in our world and during that period he wanted to nurser more than ever. I understood totally why this was but some people thought that the gentle approach was not working...... As we got back to normal life things settled. He decided that he didn't need milkies during the day and only to get to sleep at nap and bed time or to help with his Reflux at night.

So this is where we are......we are a step closer to fully weaning. There are still more steps to take but the fact is that I trusted in my #Mamaflow and it worked. Neither of us have been upset and we are progressing and moving forward in our mother and child journey.

Don't allow pressures from the outside world to nibble away at your Mamaflow! Listen to your little one and trust and believe in yourself.



Do you have a similar story about your #mamaflow winning? let me know !

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