Recipe for the perfect gift this Christmas.......

1. Love - You give a gift to show someone that you care for them, that they are held dearly in your heart and so the perfect gift needs to emulate this.

2. Thoughtfulness - it's so special when you receive a gift from someone who has really put some thought into the contents o f the shiney papered, ribbon bound bow adorned gift. It makes you feel makes you feel loved which are all the things that you want for your recipient.

3. Smile - You know the one.....that smile that grows and spreads right across the face. That smile that says 'oh wow, thank you, this is perfect, you know me so well!'

4. Longevity - the perfect gift lasts beyond Christmas day and beyond the lingering smell of turkey and sprouts!

Wth these 4 perfect present ingredients in mind it is clear that for any new or soon to be parents a LLB gift certificate bag really is the perfect gift. It ticks all the boxes and beyond.......The workshops or courses teach parents the art of Baby Massage/Yoga and how to incorporate them with their every day to help bond with their baby and to soothe & settle them. What better gift is there?

To find out more leave me a comment or get in touch via FB, Email or text. 07581258691

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