More than what you see on the Mat

Yesterday ended with lots of love and happiness. However the morning had been quite the contrast with a snot goblin of a 2 year old rampaging round the house. This morning we started the day right with some together time on our Yoga mat.

I am not a toe tickling, back bending limber Yoga super star....... Im just 'me' and at the moment 'me' is trying to stay clear of agrivating my stomach issues (since my hernia operation). With this in mind please do not look at the pics and judge my flexibility and body placement (although any tips very welcome). Like anything in life it is an ongoing process and for me I have not allowed set backs to stop me from continuing my exploration and practise of Yoga. Rather I have identified the Asanas that do not seem to agree with my current body issues and amy working with the ones that do.

Ren loves to 'ruff & tumble' on the ground. Hitting the yoga mat together gives us the opertunity to explore moving the body and getting entangled together as well as finding love, warmth and calmness.

These stills from this morning demonstrate that there is so much more to Yoga than just the Asanas (postures & movements). Just a quick glance through the slides and I am sure that you will feel love, bonding, happiness, calmness, fun, togetherness, fluidity, adaptability, connection and affection vibrating out from them.

Our little 20min Yoga practice has set us up for a fab day as we didnt just excersise our bodies but also some of the 8 limbs of yoga which nurture and nourish your everything;

  1. Yama - being true to ourselves & progressing (non hoarding)

  2. Niyama - contentment, spiritual purification, self study

  3. Asanas - focusing on hamstrings & digestion today

  4. Pranayama (we will do more of this later today as part of our calm down massage)

  5. Pratyahara - focusing our attention intenally, creating our little love bubble

  6. Dharana - focusing our thoughts......on our movments and eachother

  7. Dhyana - (we did this later just before nap time)

  8. Samadhi - enlightenment, finding and nurturing your #mamaflow through relaxation and bonding.

I am addding the finishing touches to a new article that looks at how how the 8 limbs of yoga translate into Baby/Toddler yoga (in detail). These 8 limbs have really become a colourful background to our lives helping us as together we grow, explore and continue to bond.

It is never to late to start exploring Yoga and you can do it in your way.........

Today Yoga has set us up for a positive day full of love. How has it helped you?

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