February Baby Yoga Asana

Baby Yoga Asana of The Month

February: Kissing Toes

*This is not suitable for babys with clicky hips

Love is in the air as it is February and of course that means that it's VALENTINES!! So this beatiful Baby Yoga Asana that encourages lots of yummy eye contact, skin to skin stimulation and can help to relieve wind seems to be the perfect fit for this month!

Why Practice this Asana?

This seems like a very simple Asana but the positivity that it can conjure is stunning! Lets run through the benefits;

  • Eye to eye contact: Did you know that when you make eye contact with your baby both yours and their pupils change. This sends a message to the brain of love and calmness.

  • Take your babies socks of and touch your babys feet, legs and ankles. Creating some skin to skin time. This will help create another Oxytocine boost. As well as stimulating your babies somatosensory system.

  • The movment that will occure in this Asana as you rock your baby will stimulate the Vagus Nerve. This can aid with digestion and will help with an important process called Millenation.

  • Singing to your baby will help to calm down your breathing & thoughts creating feelings of relaxation which will allow you to enjoy bonding.

  • Singing in a soft tone to your baby helps them to feel safe and encourages positive communication

  • This rocking motion with the legs elevated also helps to give the back and tummy (internal organs) a gentle massage

How to develope and practice this Asana?

This Asana is for babies 12weeks+ (Unless you have been to a Blooming Mama or 1:1 session at the studio and we have discussed your baby's birth and their development).

Sit on the floor with your baby laying on their back upon a soft blanket infront of you. Ensure that there is nothing that could fall ontop of them and that they are safe in the position you lay them in. You may wish to cross/fold your legs or to lay your legs out either side of your baby creating a nest effect.

Phase 1: Gently bring your babys feet together so that they are sole to sole and their toes are touching. Their knees should be bent. Slowley and smoothly rock your baby from side to side as they lay in this postion.

You may wish to sing Row, Row to them as you rock them.

If your baby pulls their foot/feet away at any point alow them to do this. Gently invite then back together again and if they are not ready for their Yoga at this moment try again later or another day.

For this and the next phases of this Baby Yoga sequence please sign up to the mailing list to receive your FREE demonstration & instructional video.


BABY YOGA 4 WEEK COURSE: Why not explore a Baby Yoga course or workshop at the Little Lotus Studio...... Check out the next course dates on the website or get in touch for a chat......


SAFETY NOTES ● Do not do this with babies that have been diagnosed with 'Clicky hips' or any hip mobility issues.

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