Dear Toddler

A little note to my Toddler Yoga Class today......Thank you to .....

☆ The child that wasn't sure if they wanted to join in, who maybe felt nervouse or worried they wouldn't enjoy it or feel they were 'good' at it. You absolutley blossomed as the class progressed and became one of my helpers!

☆ The child who was so excited to be at the class and experiencing something knew they used their body to express this and moved back and forth between my mat and their mat. This was was more than fine, it was lovely to share my mat with such a confident and happy child. Thank you for helping me throughout the class.

☆ The oldest child who listened with open ears, watched with careful eyes and moved their body with purpose. You were a wonderful role model.

☆ The best friends. You were like two sibblings helping eachother and cheering eachother on. What a lovely friendship you have.

☆ The helper, you were so helpful to me packing away at the end of the class thank you. I really admired your eagerness to learn and try out the Asanas as well!

☆ The shy squad, you started of a little shy and holding onto mummy and you were so brave to brake away and try some of the story activities and Asanas not touching Mummy and even coming away and over with me! Well done!

I was so impressed with how beatifully you all took part in the group drawing activity. It was beatiful to see you all mark makng on the same peice of paper, all sharing space, words, objects and ideas. I hope that you will look at the little person you decorated and remember what fun we all had together on our Zoom To The Moon Adventure!

Look forward to meeting you again soon.

x Colette

Weekly St Albans & Berkhamsted Toddler Yoga classes starting soon. Please get in touch to register your interest, keep up dated on venues and save your place.

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