Finding the Rhythm

Today I want to explore 'space', not outer space but mind space. Creating space to be able to explore the rhythm of life, the flow of our energy and feelings.......................

I created this little video as a private momento for us to look back on. A reminder of the first time we played the drum kit together with it all wired up and turned on! You may think this has nothing to do with baby massage, baby yoga or toddler yoga but actually what I am about to explore with you has everything to do with all of the above.

Today is a Tuesday which means it our special day together just Ren and Mummy. I didnt have anything major planed as we have an appointment at 3pm. So instead I thought we could explore allllllll the arts together (super casual no frills just hanging out together being arty).

First up was the drums. I havent really played my kit since being pregnant as they got shoved in a corner surrounded by baby euipment. Metaphotically this is quite symbolic to alot of things in a Mothers life.

Today we plugged all thhe drums in and explored the sounds and fun together. Then we went for nap time..........

Except nap time didnt happen so instead we did some painting with the radio on. Before long we were dancing, dancing and doing more dancing etc etc etc....... Then something really magical happened....... this little hand tapped me. I turned around from doing the washing up and Ren did his pretend snoring. I asked him 'are you tired? do you want to go upstairs to sleep? Do you want to go to bed?'. He took my hand and lead me to the stairs and then asked to be carried. I picked him up and in no time at all he was fast asleep and doing reall snoring.

This would not have happened if I had hauled us out of the house for a jam packed day. Babies, Toddlers and Children are learning so much about themselves as well as the world around them. Sometimes it's important to have a day where you can just be. But it seems in the half virtual, half reality world we live in, the value of 'Just being' can get forgotten about.

Space for our minds is so important. Today Ren had space to explore how he was feeling, to identify he felt tired.....not overtired and crying but just tired and ready for a nap. There was space for me to acknowledge what he was trying to tell me and to understand and act upon it. At surface level this allowed Ren to have his nap when he needed it. If we digg deeper this communication triumph will have boosted his confidence and undertanding of communicating.

I am not writing this to say how fab we are....because we are not we are just normal, just a Mother and child. I am writing this because of a collection of 'ahhhaaaa' moments that have been building over the last couple of weeks.

I often feel that we should be going on trips to london, trudging round museums, exploring an extra curricular activity each day of the week, religiousley and vigoursly learning this and that................... and then I remember myself, I remember love and I remember baby massage, baby yoga and Toddler yoga.............................and the time that these special activities have given us to rest, relax and digest life. Life is so hectic and busy, our minds are so hectic and busy that it is really important to embrace simplicity into the mix. I am also not saying stay at home all day everyday......but balance it all out.

Yoga is about balance and union and when we really get down to it we all need this in our lives. Babies, Toddlers, children and even us adults are constantly learning, digesting and moving forward. There needs to be space and time within this cycle so that we are able to truley experience, truley learn and understand each lesson. It is then that magic moments within the every day will begin to show themselves to you.

Baby, Toddler, Child and adult Massage & Yoga all teach and encourage you to connect. With yourself, with others, the world around you and the moment you are in.I have been reminded over the last couple of weeks how important our stay at home, restful days are and I came come to find that on these days we seem to always find magic.

So back to the drums.................just like Toddler Yoga the drums brought Ren and I together. Collaborating, communication & sharing.



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