March Asana Of The Month

Yoga breath for babies

Relaxation is so important and more so than ever as we find ourselves plugged in and tuned on from breakfast until bed!

Exploring Baby Yoga can help the whole family to embrace mindfulness and relaxation into your everyday. One crucial tool to help calm the body and mind is breathing.

As adults we can focus our concentration onto our breath.....counting as we breathe in through our nose for 4 and out through our mouth for 6. But babies do not have this awareness and need us to help them.

By gently encouraging your baby's arms into large large moments you can encourage the chest area to open. This encourages deeper breathing, allowing the lungs to fill more than with regular, more shallow breathing.

The extra oxygen taken in through deeper breathing is fantastic for the body and mind.

Infact did you know breathing....

♡ can help you deal with stress.

♡ helps your cells get the “good stuff” they need to replenish and nourish themselves.

♡ releases all the the stuff we don’t need in the form of carbon dioxide out into the world (which needs it).

♡ keeps our bodies fluid and free.

♡ keeps our connective tissue healthy and elastic.

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