Giant paper floor art fiasco.......

Lots of my blogs probably start something like this but it's because;

1. I want to share the real life of Motherhood with you

2. I like to keep it reall....... and rather than post about our dreamy and very idillic walk in the woods at the weekend I want to tell you about something that is valuable and perceived as boastful or #instaperfect

3. This works every time and I want you to know about it and try it out for your self.

Some how I have let myself run down to 'empty'. It kind of crept up on me like the time I ran out of petrol and my little Mini Metro (showing my age) cut out and fell asleep on the middle of a busy rounderbout! oooopsy! So here we are, It's Thursday and I am feeling exhausted.

I'd been teaching yesterday so I thought this morning before taking Ren to his afternoon Nursary I would give him my full work/phone distractions just Ren and I. Well it started off really lovely but soon nose dived when I tried to instigate some 'giant paper floor art'. Now normally I would be intune with Ren and adapt an activity to flow in the direction of his enquisative mind. However this morning my body felt fizzy and my mind was foggy. He was running over the paper roll and jumping up and his mind it was interesting to hear the crackling sounds it was making. but in my mind he was going to rip the p aper....I wanted to use sponges blablabla. We were not connected we were two minds and two bodies trying to do diffeernt things with the same resources and like two metaforicle rams we were butting heads.

So what got us (mainly Me!) out of this funk? Toddler Yoga did. Honestly it really is amazing at re-connecting the body and mind as well as parent & child. Ren has grown up watching me practise little bits of yoga and now he enjoys to copy what I am doing or what someone else is doing.

Lately he has really gotten into Waybuloos. So today we put on an episode of Waybuloos and joined in the Yoga together. We didnt watch a whole episode just a bit and he snuggled down for a little back massage before huddling up for cuddles and nap time.

I didnt feel as fizzy any more, the fog was starting to lift a little and although I was still very tired I could see how I should have dealt with the giant paper floor art fiasco. The bigges thing was that I felt connected to Ren again and I was letting go of any Mum guilt that was trying to creep in.

Baby & Toddler Yoga are not just for infants. They help Parents to relax, to gain clarity of thought and to connect to their little ones. This is so valuable within the busy lives that we lead and to have some of these tricks up your sleeve can save a whole day from feeling bluh to brilllllianteeeee.

I am so excited to be teaching Toddler Yoga in St Albans and Berkhamsted and can't wait to share the magic. Find out about Toddler Yoga classes .......



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