Easter, Calpol & Yoga....

As I showered yesterday morning i thought about what Easter meant to me...... For me It's about celebrating new beginnings, transitions, love, hope and of course magic. It lived up to this but not in the way I had anticipated. In the Brular house we had been really busy getting ready for our Easter Eggstraviganser. ..........Saturday night Ren came down with a temperature which meant that on Sunday..... ☆ we wernt all ready in time for our guests ☆ there was no Easter egg treasure hunt because Ren was too poorly to play ☆ I had a small but very heavy toddler permanently attached to me for pretty much the whole of Easter (which is lovely, but tiring) 

☆ I chose to sit on the sofa (not at the table with everyone else) to help him to rest and sleep sooo missed out on the chit chatter Before Ren, I might of felt a bit stressed or sad that it hadnt gone to plan. But I will always remember this Easter as the time ♡Ren was poorly and we all rallied round to help him and to help each other. 

♡ judgment was put aside. No one cared if we were 'guest ready'. They were just happy to be with us and to show love & support

♡ there was still laughter, chit chat and lots of fun And so I feel that this could be a new begining for me.....one where yet again Baby & Toddler Yoga have taught me so much and lead me to feeling calm, calm, calm.

It reminded me of our conversations at Baby Yoga on Friday. We chatted about allowing ourselves to be Mothers. To take the stress out of trting to be EVERYTHING to everyone and to go with what felt right and natural.   

Love, Ren and my family (not just made up of DNA family but of friendship.......my village) come first. Before being on time, before being party ready, before business.....before everything. When you allow yourself to be guided by your natural #mamaflow (which ever direction it takes you) a huge weight can be lifted. Energy is allowed and focused in one positive direction rather than draining into a pool of worry, stress and misdirection.

So although our Easter was less Insta ready and more tissues and Calpol at the ready.....it was our and it was perfectly filled with love. 

Sending Easter warmth to you all.


It's Monday late afternoon and Ren has been very poorly today......but he just got up grabbed his yoga mat (I helped roll it out) placed his medicine on the mat and did his yoga! Sooooo cute, I couldn't leave it out if the blog.

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