What is BABY YOGA all about?.....

You won’t see babies crawling upto the Little Lotus Baby studio in full on yoga attire, carrying their rolled up yoga mat and a special blend of organic delicacies in their refreshments bottle…………..but what you will see, feel & hear is LOVE and lots of it.

I am dedicated to spreading the magic of Baby Massage and Yoga, and although the Western world has cottoned onto the amazing benefits of Yoga for adults we are still just dipping our toes into the world of baby yoga and what it has to offer.

Before training and opening the doors of the Little Lotus Baby studio I was very much a speedy Gonzales kind of person. When I say that I mean I loved

  • Racing to work (Early Years Specialist Teacher) on my bike, cycling as fast as my legs would physically propel me along the canal tow path.

  • Going totally hell for leather in Body Combat classes

  • Pushing my muscles to lift and carry in body pump weight classes

  • Running in any weather, headphones in and off I went

And it wasn’t just physically that I was speedy, I was not very good at just ‘being’…..allowing myself to settle, quietening my mind and thoughts and allowing relaxation in.


I was exhausted, no strike that, I was beyond exhausted after days of being in labour and an emergency C-Section, breastfeeding and caring for my new born was amazing but also took me to extreme tiredness. Fast forward a few weeks and I had found Baby Yoga.

  • Calm

  • For both Mother and Baby to explore together

  • Focussed on bonding

  • Developmentally encouraging

I wanted to embrace this new me….. the tired me….. the me that wanted to love and connect with my baby, the me that just needed some where to go that was calm, rather than a crazzy, crashing, dashing, loud environment.

Baby Yoga helped us to learn together and to take our learning home so that we could;

  • Relax together & heal from our birthing experience physically, mentally & emotionally

  • Communicate with each other

  • Bask in our love & build our bond & connection

Our Baby Yoga time at home quickly became a sacred part of our day. It was a time when everything else around us didn’t matter…..it didn’t matter that I hadn’t done the hoovering or the shopping, all that mattered was connecting with my beautiful baby. Looking deep into his little eyes, listening to his chatter, encouraging it by singing to him and chatting back, moving his body in gentle ways to encourage his development, flexibility and aiding his wind (of which he had a lot). This also really helped both he and I to get past the stress of silent reflux and find relaxation together.

Massage & Yoga have been magical for us, for my whole family. Infact Yoga has filtered its way into the way I parent and live. When I say this I am not talking about all the poses that you see pasted across Instagram. I am talking about the 'off the mat yoga'. The #lovenotcontrol way of living that I have come to practice, develope and now share with all of you.


Baby & Massage Yoga 5 week Course consists of....

Each week we cover the same core themes but build and develop knowledge and practice. Once we have reached week 4 we will have covered all of the Asanas (at a level suitable for your baby). Week 5 allows us to run through everything you have learnt over the past 4 weeks and celebrate the babies development.

From Week 2 onwards we will incorporate some Baby Massage into the session focusing on a different part of your baby each week.

Over the 5 week period we will cover:

* Theory to support the practical

*Intro to the weeks session

*Parent relaxation breathing

* Baby dry massage for relaxation

* Hip and leg sequences

* Prone positions

* Chest, shoulders and arms (to encourage baby yoga relaxed breathing)

* Bilateral coordination sequence

* Balance and core muscle sequence

* Baby Yoga holds

* Dips and swings

* Gentle stretches for Mum

* Baby Massage (wk2 intro to massage leg and reflexology, week 3 back massage, week 4 arms and chest, week 5 tummy)

* Relaxation/meditation

* Refreshments and discussion time

The benefits of Baby Yoga are far reaching and not just for baby but potentially for the whole family.

To find out more about baby yoga please head over to my website www.littlelotusbaby.co.uk and if you have ANY questions do not hesitate to contact me via facebook/instagram/email/phone etc


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