The MOTHER LOVER Revolution

'The Mother Lover Revolution' is a real thing and in the past I have referred to it as the Motherlution. But with the forthcoming Launch of the 'Love Letters For New Mothers' book which I have contributed to and my continual teaching & promotion of 'LOVE' the affectionate name I use to refer to this amazing global movement has evolved.

'The Mother Lover Revolution' is not something I have invented more something I have discovered since becoming a Mum myself. It is about unity, women coming together to love, support & energise one another. Its about being inclusive of differences and understanding that a 'Mamas Flow' is unique to her and her baby. Nobody should feel alone during motherhood and yet so many women experience this feeling, which can feed anxiety, depression and low self esteem. This week is Infant Mental Health awareness week and The Mother Lover Revolution is sooo important to not only mothers but to their infants and families as it is the foundations of support for a mother and her family.

If a Mother feels supported, empowered and able to mother in a way that feels natural to her then she will have the energy and love to nourish her babies physical & mental health. The book, 'Love Letters For New Mothers' is a wonderful read for any mum or mum-to-be! It is filled with love and energising advise for Mothers by Mothers from all around the world

Gayle Berry, the founder of Blossom & Berry, author and international expert on baby massage & yoga, mother to three & major love creator, invited mothers and infant care professionals to write a love letter to a new mother. There are different letters by different mothers centred around an array of topics & experiences. The wisdom and advice that is shared is all aimed at helping new mums to feel understood, not alone, inspired, empowered and educated.

And this is where is gets even better............ Not only are mothers helping mothers by writing in the book, sharing & reading the book with each other but........ by purchasing a copy you are helping 2 wonderful charities that are aimed at supporting mothers and babies. PANADAS Foundation (reg charity 1149485) and the Blossom & Berry & Love Support Unite (reg charity 1162406) charitable project aimed at supporting mother and baby health in Malawi.

"...becoming a mother is like discovering a superpower

that has been lying dormant for years.

If you trust your intuition,

you will know what to do and

you will be the amazing mother that I know you can be."

This glorious book is part of something global, something that is being supported, promoted and loved by so many people in so many different ways. After thinking of the term 'The Mother Lover Revolution' I googled 'Mother Lover' and besides a crazy Justin Timberlake song there was a lovely celeb charitable organisation selling Ts. There are so many different projects all with the same message - 'Love yourself, be yourself and embrace the journey' If you can do that you can do ANYTHING including being the Mother you always wanted to be.

You can read more about The Mother Lover Revolution in my article here

Pre Order your copy of Love Letters To New Mothers here:

Love Letters For New Mothers - Collected wisdom from mothers across the world

by Blossom & Berry and friends

RRP: £9.99

“We are born of love. Love is our mother”- Rumi

xx Colette xx

note: *this is not part of Mother Lover USA but I fully support their charitable mission

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