Life is NOT a race......

It's true!! Life is not a race, its not about being 'the winner' its so much more than that. Before becoming a Mum I was running, I was in a the 100m race of life. But now I want it to be the opposite of a race.......I want time to sloooooooooow down. Because I know that it's going to feel like a matter of blinks before my boy is blowing out candles for his 18th.

Now I prefer to take it slow, drinking in every once of a moment, feeling the magic and connecting. Doing this helps me to RELAX.

RELAXATION is sooo important to 'life' and all that life is to us, to you. Sure it can look and feel different to us all and some ones way to relax maybe to do something a little more physical where as another persons way to relax maybe a luxurious bath (I have no idea what one of those is anymore hahahah). For me, I love being outdoors, in nature. I find it helps my heart to float, my lungs to open and my mind to free itself from the clutter. I'm still learning. I'm still learning about me, my relationships, being a mum, being a business owner and of course I'm constantly learning about my son. Babies, children, people, they all change. We evolve and grow. This is so important to remember as it will help you to love yourself and allow relaxation into your life.

If you can embrace change and allow yourself time and space to adapt you will be open to relaxation. If you are open, aware and dedicated to relaxation then you will allow your cup to refill. When you feel energised (as much as any parent can be) emotionally, physically and mentally you will find that;

♡ You grow as a person............allowing your own personal interests/passions to have some of your time. This will initially not seem as if it is going to necessarily benefit you or your family , but if you are feeling like 'you' and feeling happy and fulfilled you will radiate this to those around you.

♡ your decisions may naturally be swayed towards what is necessary rather than what you think you should............ do, say, prioritize. This will take so much pressure from your shoulders and make EVERYTHING alot more are only human after all.

♡ You can think clearly - so you are able to make rational, heart felt, calm decisions.

♡ You are able to keep on top of your emotions - exhaustion can lead to emotional sensitivity and even depression.

♡ You are able to communicate with more clarity and positivity. You are therefore more likely to receive back positive communications ans so this cycle continues.

♡ You are more able to react to others positively and to see the positives over the negatives in situations

♡ You feel energised

♡ You are able to be the best version of you

Now there is one small flaw to my plan..... and it's actually a pretty big thing. It's called being a parent. I don't know if you have noticed but it can be exhausting. I often find I'm bumbling along just fine then WAM i have smashed face first into a towering brick wall of exhaustion. Oooooop I DID IT AGAIN! So yes this is an area I want to improve on......... noticing that my energy cup is starting to run dry before it is totally arrid.

So if you see that brick wall of exhaustion looming before you remember to take some time out, be kind to yourself and RELAX, do what feels good and allow your heart to float, your lungs to open and your mind to free itself from the clutter. ..I promise you will feel soooooo fantastic for it.



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