Blossom And Berry Teacher Of The Year!

I'm so honoured to have been nominated by my peers around the world for this award.......and to have won feels a little surreal! WOW! 

My journey to this point started when I was pregnant with Ren. I was a teacher, i loved my job, my pupils (and their families) and my peers. Unfortunately it was a very stressful time at my school with fast turnover of staff and if I'm utterly honest alot of bullying (not the children being bullied but the staff!).  So when I was on maternity leave i knew i wanted to explore a new way of channelling my energy, I wanted to create something, I wanted to help people see that love & kindness are valuable and can be positivly powerful.  I started a website and blog called Happiness Is A Pancake. I wrote about positivity and how to check on your mental health and make your own happiness. It was the foundations to Little Lotus Baby.  I fell in love with Baby Yoga after Ren and I attended lessons when he was 8 weeks old. It helped both of us so much. I started to connect the dots and when Ren was 4 months old i began my Diploma with Blossom and Berry Baby Masage & Yoga.

I still can't beleive after a traumatic birth experience and with a little refluxer i managed this. But i did and Ren was with me as I studied, wrote my papers, created the website, designed leaflets, business cards, social media accounts and the BIG thing........ getting the studio built, decorated and furnished!!!   At the time I just couldn't understand why my husband was a little hesitant about this. But looking back I can see he was just being sensible. My head and my heart were so determined and focused on realising the dream. I just knew this was what I had to do. I'm so thankful to Brad for understanding my crazy vision and believing in me and it.  Now getting the studio built was a little out of my comfort zone. I needed help with it and my Dad came to my aid. He was my rock on this project helping with researching and driving Ren and I to meet studio construction companies. 

This was the most stressful part of realising the dream, but it was sooo exciting. Watching the space transform was magical!  Finally everything was ready. I could open the doors to The Little Lotus Baby Studio..... a place for families to come, to breathe, move, bond, relax and learn.  

The business has expanded and I've qualified in Cosmic Kids Yoga and i'm taking Little Lotus Baby into schools teaching whole class yoga! 

So you see dreams really can come true and my baby, my family, mum village, fellow Blossom & Berriers and friends have all supported me and helped me transfer the concept from dream to reality.....and now to win the Blossom and Berry Teacher Of The Year award well wow! It means so much to me and is a reminder of how far the dream has come.   

If you have an ambition, an idea, a dream.....explore it! Who knows where it will take you! ♡


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