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Things don't always turn out exactly as you had envisioned……. Weather you believe in fate, destiny, 'everything happens for a reason', or just plain old…...that’s the way that the cookie crumbled you have probably experienced a time when things changed and actually it was for the better.

Well that is exactly what happened with the Little Lotus Bump Tribe Event. You see it started of as a small idea. I teach my 'Blooming Mamas' pregnancy course to prepare, educate and empower pregnant Mamas so that they feel able to embrace their pregnancy, birth and 4th trimester. I normally teach these classes from my purpose build studio to 3 Mamas at a time. BUT this time I wanted to make it even mooooooore special, because this time I was going to be pregnant whilst teaching the class. My idea was to include an Afternoon Tea break in the middle of a workshop afternoon.

This little droplet of an idea soon snowballed into the magical event that we experienced on Sunday 9th June. The snowball started with the venue. I had my sites set on the Orangery at Hunton Park Hotel. It is just so stunning! The calming vibe just tied in so well with Little Lotus Baby and what I wanted to offer the Mamas. It was from here that more and more local female business owners wanted to get involved to help support and create a village for Mothers.

During the planning of the event I definitely went on a roller-coaster journey of thoughts. The more local businesses that got involved the more I felt the pressure to have a larger number of mothers attend the event (as I felt I needed to make it worth their while in attending). 5 was our magic number, and actually for the space, the vibe of the afternoon and what we truly wanted to achieve with the event it was a lovely number. It allowed us (the mothers & the professionals) to build connections. In fact there was so much flow of chat and uplifting socialising that the afternoon ran over by 30minutes!!! ooooops

My why for the event like all my Little Lotus Baby 'Why's' was heart centred. I fully believe that the more love we can offer Mothers and babies the more strength can be infused into a ripple of positivity. This ripple affect doesn’t stop with Mum. It will create vibrations throughout the family and into her community.

Becoming a Mother weather it is a Mother to 1 or more is so special. 9 months of pregnancy sounds like a loooong time but it does go quickly and it sometimes can feel like not enough time for Mothers to even begin to process all that they need to do to prepare for their new life. The new life they are to hold in their arms and the new life that they are about to embark upon.

We all know how busy, busy, busy our world is. This doesn’t stop when a women becomes pregnant. Infact it normally increases, which seems like a crazy notion when you think about how science tells us that relaxation, rest and sleep are important to mental & physical health (before pregnancy and certainly during pregnancy and the 4th trimester).

The pregnant Mamas 'To Do' list often gets longer rather than shorter because on top of all the usual daily commitments they need to organise, learn, source and prepare for babies arrival. While this can be lovely and very exciting it still all takes up time and energy. Time when Mama could be sleeping, resting or exploring some lovely pregnancy yoga. Many Mamas feel the pressure to prove that they are just as capable at work during pregnancy as they were before and again this can add stress at this important time.

This is all just the tip of the pregnancy ice burg…………...but by touching on these points I am sure you can fully appreciate why I want to offer a chance for mothers to dedicate some time to connecting with themselves, their baby bumps and a supportive 'village'.

As I walked away from the Bump Tribe Event I knew that something special had just happened. I had not only delivered my workshops but we had created a village that each women whether a pregnant mama or a professional could tap into. We had relaxed within the heavenly surroundings of Hunton Park Hotels Orangery, socialised, connected, learnt new things and inevitably grown.

So what does the future hold? ……. MORE!........More yoga, more love and more events to help connect and create positive ripples. The earlier we can introduce families to actively choosing and engaging with love (through prenatal classes, Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, #lovenotcontrol etc) the stronger the ripple of positivity will become in helping to create and connect communities.

If you are interested to find out more about Little Lotus Baby events and news join the mailing list via this link.............. and/or connect with us on FB & instagramm @thelittlelotusbaby

xx Colette XX

Professionals involved:

Rolling Hills Hypnobirthing


Herts Pain & Injury Clinic


Wish Events


Lizzie Martell




SaraTomlin Photography (NEWBORN SPECIALIST)


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