Positive Vibes Through Gentle Touch

What is this?......find out in my off the cuff video....

last night a lovely friend of mine got in touch with a question about Reiki and Baby Massage.

Her friends baby is in hospital and Mama wanted to feel that she was doing something loving, nurturing and helpful during this time.

I offered this method of connection. It is so beautiful for both Mama and Baby and can really help with bonding and the flow of positivity and love. Especially when you are limited to how, where and when you can touch and connect via touch with your baby.

Don't forget that your smell & your voice are important to your baby as well!!..... so chat, sing and/or read to your baby.😍

xx Colette xx

Always check with medical staff about how and where you can touch a baby when they are undergoing treatment.

Some hospitals may even offer reiki!

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