Positivity Pot

Positivity Pot....... here is how to use one!!..

Ok so the back story to this IS that we used to use these at school with our classes or with specific children. . I felt Ren was ready to understand the concept, get excited about it AND benefit from the praise and positivity around it. . I'm going to cover; ♡ Why these pots are fab ♡ What resources you need ♡ How to introduce it ♡ How to use it . 🤷‍♀️ WHY 🤷‍♀️ Focusing on positive behaviour, achievements and actions is powerful......AND it can breathe life into an enthusiasm to do more. im sure as an adult you have felt good about receiving praise and wanted to feel like that again....wanted more of that good vibe. Maybe even sparking AMBITION and determination within to do your best. Or/and maybe as an adult/child you experienced criticism and so you know how that can create a negative belief system of the self......I cant do it so I wont even try, Im always getting told off so whats the point....... . So the Positivity Pot allows you and your child to connect and celebrate all and any of the positives that your child is able to demonstrate. . Now here is a really IMPORTANT TIP....break your child's goals into steps. So the goal is a journey that is positively travelled, where courage and selbeliefve are built. An example of this could be trying to encourage your child to taste a new food...... they could receive a Pom Pom on day 1 for allowing the food onto their plate...not having to touch it al all. Day 2 they could receive a Pom Pom for touching the food or smelling it (whateverer is appropriate for your child). Day 3 they could receive a pom pom for smelling or licking the food. Day 4 they could receive a pom pom for taking one bite and trying it....... If you have a goal and you are not sure how to map out a stepped approach to reaching the goal get in touch.


There is no limit!!! You can have a pot that is big or small............ a big pot is great for children that need alot of encouragement and boosting as you can give pom poms for all the small and achievements through the day/night. A small pot maybe better if you are really focussing on something very specific and want to fill the pot quicker so that a sence of reall achievement with regards to a certain goal if visually obtainable and enticing.


  • 1x see through pot with a lid. The size is dependent on the age of your child and/or your focus for using the pot.

  • Decorations for the pot...... stickers are easiest...your child can select some or you can decorate it for them in preparation for you gifting it to them.

  • Craft Pom poms. You can obviously use whatever you want to fill the pot up with. Craft pom poms are nice as they are happy, & colourful in their aesthetics and all soft and squidgy to touch.

  • Label for the Positivity Pot with your childs name on it


It is super simple really but there are some really important rules that go with Positivity Pot............

As I explained earlier it is upto you with regards to the purpose of your pot..... do you want to use it to celebrate all positive behaviour or is there something you want to focus on? It is really important that you are clear on this so you are able to explain this to your child so that they are really clear on what the pot is for and what they can do to achieve receiving a celebratory pom pom.....

The main rule it that you do NOT take any pom poms away!!! You may never ever take away a positive celebration. Once your child has achieved receiving a pom pom celebrate it there and then. Put it in the pot and lock it in safe............. whatever happens next is a new situation, a new moment and is separate to what has been achieved.

Keep it in eye sight of your child so that they can see it throughout the day. You may like to even take it out with you so you can use it when you are out and about.

When giving your child a pom pom ensure that you are really clear about why/how they have achieved a pom pom for the pot. Use really positive language with a big smile and encourage them to put the pom pom into the jar and to place the lid on it themselves. Really make a big fuss about how wonderful this is in any way that is perfect for you and your little one.

Once your pot is full you can then celebrate what a great achievement this is. You can do this in a way that is suitable to you and your family and that you have agreed with at the begining of your positive pot journey with your child. some examples maybe;

  • a specific item that they would like to purchase that you have agreed on

  • a special play date/event/experience

  • A family day that they can plan with you

  • Watching a special movie of their choice with pop corn and all the frills

You can then have a pom pom party and explode all the pom poms out of the pot so it rains a rainbow of pom poms onto your child and start the journey again.


There are so many cool ways you can introduce your Positivity Pot so be as creative as you want. The main things to think about when you are planning your introduction are;

  1. Ensuring that you create a POSITIVE experience explored at the right time.............so not rushed or after a stressful situation, or when your child is hungry or busy or tired. But during a state of alert calmness.....maybe even after they have done something fab that you want to focus in on.

  2. Being really clear about what the pot is for and how you will be using it. Depending on your childs age you may want to create a picture story or written agreement about this that they and you can refer back to if needed.

  3. That you have choices to offer your child to select from as their big CELEBRATION when the pot is filled.............remember this is a positive experience so dont give them an open invitation to select their celebratory item/experienc if there is a chance that they are going to pick something that you will not want to give.

I really hope that you have lots of fun with your POSITIVITY POT. Get in touch if you have an questions OR to let me know how you are getting on. Id love to see any pics of your pots!!

xx Colette xx

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