Tearing During Birth

It happened........ id just given birth to our gorgeous little bundle and I wondered......had I torn? .

So I asked..... 'how is everything? is there a tear at all?'. The answer was yes.

The consultant came to check and it was confirmed it was a 3rd degree (3A) tear. Next in was the Anaesthetist to discuss the surgery needed and that i would be having a spinal block for it. signing the form for this was funny as my hand was still bloody and shaking from giving birth. I'm pretty sure I wrote a signature that looked more like a sonograph line than a name.

After cuddles, feeding pearl and my placenta finally being enticed out I was taken off to theatre leaving Pearl and Brad to bond alone for a bit. . The surgery was fine! Everyone was lovely and couldn't believe how chipper and spritely I was.... I think I was on a natural high. A birth cocktail of elation, OXYTOCIN and adrenaline. ......i soon crashed hahaha.

So I want to chat about the tear itself and the aftercare.....as I feel this is a subject not really 'chatted about'. Why is that? is it because it happens to the VAGINA and ANUS? (omg did she just say/type those 2 words haha... ). Is it too common a subject to chat about? or maybe its boring?

The tear...... .

during birth I wasn't like.....omg the pain I can feel my self ripping!!!!!!........ so no need to panic an soon to be mum's!! For me the experience of birth was soooò intense I feel it all just merged into one Crazy experience. . There are different grades of tearing starting at 1 and going to 4 which is most severe. I could try and explain the different types and degrees of tears which i feel is important as I actually left hospital a bit confused about what a 3a tear was......but the below video is fantastic so I'm sign posting you here >>>>>>.


I was told by my midwife that as I'm a 3A tear if I were to have another baby I could have a vaginal birth but if it was a 3b or more it would not be advised. My reply was 'no more babies'.

moving forward........ things are feeling better down there and I'm edging towards week 3. At first it was painful and I felt like there was a heavy bowling ball in my butt!!! apparently this is normal and part if healing. I've been doing pelvic floor exercises (although probably not as much as I should) and looking after the stitches..... fingers crossed I get the all clear at the end of October when I see a consultant.

As the blog post comes to an end I thought I'd share some helpful tips that people offered me....

♡ Spritz For Bits.... this product is amazing and I'd recommend it highly!!

♡ Change your pant pads regularly and conti he to use them even when bleeding is not excessive as they provide cushioning to the area.

♡ try not to stand or walk for looking periods of time

♡ lean forward when peeing - stings less

♡ drink lots of water.... stings less when peeing

♡ take some laxatives that are kind to your body

♡ eat fibre

♡ remember you WILL fart!! so be mindful of how you sit when in public 🤣

♡breastfeeding can help relax the body .......helping you to poop.

♡Arnica ♡ just do/be/sit/lay in what ever way feels ok and comfy for you. xx colette xx


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