Tearing During Birth

It happened........ id just given birth to our gorgeous little bundle and I wondered......had I torn? . So I asked..... 'how is everything? is there a tear at all?'. The answer was yes. The consultant came to check and it was confirmed it was a 3rd degree (3A) tear. Next in was the Anaesthetist to discuss the surgery needed and that i would be having a spinal block for it. signing the form for this was funny as my hand was still bloody and shaking from giving birth. I'm pretty sure I wrote a signature that looked more like a sonograph line than a name. . After cuddles, feeding pearl and my placenta finally being enticed out I was taken off to theatre leaving Pearl and Brad to bond alone for a bit. . The surgery was fine! Everyone was lovely and couldn't believe how chipper and spritely I was.... I think I was on a natural high. A birth cocktail of elation, OXYTOCIN and adrenaline. ......i soon crashed hahaha. . So I want to chat about the tear itself and the aftercare.....as I feel this is a subject not really 'chatted about'. Why is that? is it because it happens to the VAGINA and ANUS?  (omg did she just say/type those 2 words haha...  ). Is it too common a subject to chat about? or maybe its boring? . The tear...... . during birth I wasn't like.....omg the pain I can feel my self ripping!!!!!!........ so no need to panic an soon to be mum's!! For me the experience of birth was soooò intense I feel it all just merged into one Crazy experience. . There are different grades of tearing starting at 1 and going to 4 which is most severe. I could try and explain the different types and degrees of tears which i feel is important as I actually left hospital a bit confused about what a 3a tear was......but the below video  is fantastic so I'm sign posting you here >>>>>>.


I was told by my midwife that as I'm a 3A tear if I were to have another baby I could have a vaginal birth but if it was a 3b or more it would not be advised. My reply was 'no more babies'. . moving forward........ things are feeling better down there and I'm edging towards week 3. At first it was painful and I felt like there was a heavy bowling ball in my butt!!! apparently this is normal and part if healing. I've been doing pelvic floor exercises (although probably not as much as I should) and looking after the stitches..... fingers crossed I get the all clear at the end of October when I see a consultant. . As the blog post comes to an end I thought I'd share some helpful tips that people offered me.... ♡ Spritz For Bits.... this product is amazing and I'd recommend it highly!! ♡ Change your pant pads regularly and conti he to use them even when bleeding is not excessive as they provide cushioning to the area. ♡ try not to stand or walk for looking periods of time ♡ lean forward when peeing - stings less♡ drink lots of water.... stings less when peeing ♡ take some laxatives that are kind to your body ♡ eat fibre ♡ remember you WILL fart!! so be mindful of how you sit when in public 🤣

♡breastfeeding can help relax the body .......helping you to poop.

♡Arnica ♡ just do/be/sit/lay in what ever way feels ok and comfy for you. xx colette xx

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