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It's true what they say….. having a baby changes everything. For me it has transformed my life, I have channeled my passions into new directions. Everyday brings new surprises, new challenges and new achievements.

Little Lotus Baby has grown over the years and I have taken the decision to divide the website into two parts. Little Lotus Baby for all things baby related and Colette Bruce Yoga for Pre-school and Kids Yoga.

My time is currently very limited at the moment and I am currently unable to teach any classes. If you want to explore some online tutorials or get in touch with ANY questions about Baby Massage, yoga and/or kids yoga please just pop me a note and I will get back to you ASAP.

After the success of the My First Yoga book which I worked on with the publishers DK Books I am now writing a very enchanting story yoga book for both children and their parents/teachers. 

So how did Little Lotus Baby start?.......Here is our story....

I couldn’t wait to meet my little baby and start having lots of fun together. Being a first time mum I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I knew I wanted to explore different classes, meet new people and cherish my time with my son before returning to work.

Baby Yoga was just incredible and I looked forward to doing our little yoga sessions at home everyday. It became a time when everything else around us didn’t matter… didn’t matter that I hadn't done the hoovering or the shopping, all that mattered was connecting with my beautiful baby. Looking deep into his little eyes, listening to his chatter, encouraging it by singing to him and chatting back, moving his body in gentle ways to encourage his development, flexibility and aiding his wind (of which he had a lot).

We were not only playing, we were communicating, bonding and helping one-another. I felt so happy and empowered during these moments. I knew the routine and I knew that I was making a positive impact upon my baby's life.

I wanted to learn more and to also explore how I could share this holistic approach with other parents to aid with their baby bonding, confidence building and the physical issues of colic, wind, reflux, silent reflux, teething and sleep (or lack of).

My son is not a baby any more and he is growing up fast and my business is growing and transforming alongside him. I now have two sides to the business Little Lotus Baby is for all things baby and Colette Bruce Yoga is for all of my Preschool & Kids Yoga classes, workshops and books.

My dream has come true I am running my own business that is so heart centered I won an award for it.  


I am unable to teach classes at the moment but I can offer Pre recorded Baby Massage and Yoga tutorials. Check out the children's yoga virtual bundles as well.



The LIttle Lotus Baby

"Thank you for an excellent session. Your knowledge and enthusiasm was fantastic"

- Emma & Ben

Out of the mud the beautiful lotus grows and flourishes. Massage & Yoga equip babies with the start in life that will aid them in gaining the emotional, social and physical attributes needed to thrive wherever and whatever they do.

"Both myself & Evie loved our massage classes! Evie is well & truly on the move (crawling), we are able to bond through massage in all sorts of situations"

- Georgia & Baby Evie

"What a wonderful bonding experience. It was so enjoyable for both me and Tilly. The class was very relaxed but also informative. You can understand when and how to use the techniques at home. Highly recommend!"

- Holly & Baby Tilly

"I have loved our massage lessons and so has my little one! Great calm atmosphere with great knowledge. Really helped to encourage our special bond"

- Nikki& Baby Lucy

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