What age can my baby start baby Massage?

You can start baby massage from birth. However Mummy and baby both need a little time to just get used to their new lifes and eachother. My preference is to teach from 6 weeks up to when a baby starts to crawl. Please do contact me to discuss any variations on this. 

I am worried about my baby fussing and crying in a group session.....

We don't mind! Babies cry for all different reasons as a way to communicate. It does not mean that you are doing something wrong or that your baby does not like what you are doing.  If your baby begins to cry during the session you are the best judge of whether to finish continue or take a little time out for a cuddle/feed/change etc. Remember Classes are about learning about how you can communicate, soothe, connect with and enhance the development of your baby. It is better to do a minute of Yoga with a happy baby than a whole session with a baby that needs something else at that time. There will be plenty of opportunity to practice later in the course or at home. Please talk to me further if you are worried.

What age can my baby start baby Yoga?

Any time after the 6/8 week check with your Dr.

Can I do Baby Massage and Baby Yoga if my baby has special needs to consider?

Yes. Baby Massage and baby yoga can aid many different special needs that babies may have. Please contact me to discuss your baby and how Little Lotus Baby can accomodate their needs. 

I am pregnant but want to learn about baby massage before my baby is born. Can I attend Little Lotus Baby Massage?

Yes. You can practice on a doll. I would advise booking a refresher session for you and your baby to attend after the birth.