Tantrum Traumas

Today we will be focusing as much as we can on Love. Ren is going through a Tantrumming phase at the moment. He has just turned 2 and has very limited vocabulary which means he acts out his communications.

Lots has been written on the subject of tantrums and how to get through them without having every nerve shredded to tatters. Unlike most blogs/articles I am not telling you what you MUST do. Rather you can pick and choose ideas and adapt them to suite you and your family. Adapatation is so important to your #mamaflow.

Tantrums are stressful for everyone involved. Lets take a little bit of the stress out of it and off your shoulders (you are carrying enough up there!) by exploring the idea that you can not control a tantrum (#lovenotcontrol).

If your little one needs to tantrum they need to tantrum and get those emotions out of their body and mind. It is your child that is in control of their tantrum. They will start it, they will live it and they will end it. It is your job to care for them during this time. This can look different with reagrds to the child, situation, reason for the tantrum and parents needs. So you may find that you deal with tantrums differently from child to child etc.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking;

- Does your child need space to express their anger, upset. Allow them to move their arms and legs and roll about. Let them get this all out of their body and just ensure that there is nothing that they can hurt themselves on or that could fall onto them.


- Your child may want to be cuddled and made to feel safe.

- Why is the tantrum occuring?

Is it exploration and excersising of their decision making?


Are they genuinely upset/worried/scared about something?

What can you do to help them through this? Can you reflect and work out ways to promote unification with regards to decisions?

- How are you feeling? do you need to mentaly step away from your child and gather your breathing, find your calm and then mentally return to the tantrum? What can you do to help create a sence of love and bonding after a tantrum?

Remember tantrums are normal and they are a part of growing from a baby into a child. How you deal with the trantrum can really help both you and your child.

Find out more in the Tots Tantrum SOS guide in the Little Lotus Baby Private Members Club. It is easy to join simply click this link and get your PDF pack! Click on the picture below..........

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