The email came through today with the link to see if Little Lotus Baby was a FInalist in the SPIRIT category of the M Power Awards....... I felt sick as I really didn't think I was going to see my little name in the list. I had been working really hard on thinking positively about it.....I even grabbed a bottle of non alcohol sparkles for this evening (To celebrate if I was on the list and to celebrate all that is still wonderful if I wasn't on the list).

I wanted to rush to social media and tell the world my amazing news, but it just meant sooooo much to me that I needed to do more than that......... I wanted to share with you WHY this means so much to me, WHY being included in the Finalist line up for the SPIRIT award made me sooo happy that I balled my eyes out when I saw my name in the list......Now walking on air! 

What is M Power Awards all about, and why am I sooo excited to be involved? Its about..... 'women changing the future, while raising the generations of the future' (Nicola Huelin, Mpower founder, award-winning business coach & mentor, author of The Invisible Revolution). Its supporting and celebrating women who have not only become a mother but have also stepped out of their comfort zone and had the courage to start something new, to start a business that they are truly passionate about. Its not about measuring how much money a business is making but more about the positive impact that it is having upon the world around them. To me this is sooooo special. I love, LOVE and I respect its power. It is not weak as many misinterpret it to be. When love becomes your inner voice things become easier, happiness grows, insecurities shrink and relationships strengthen. Being a heart centred business means not only nurturing those that I teach but aiming to inspire beyond my studio. The planet is an ever-changing landscape of reality V's cyberspace, so it's important that we teach our children more than the traditional core academic subjects. Children need to learn about themselves and we as parents can aid them by advocating that Love is not a weakness but a strength. This is at the core of #lovenotcontrol which inspires positive lifestyle enhancements to benefit a whole family. The vision is packaged within the tangible practises and teachings of massage & yoga for babies, toddlers, children with their family or in a school class.

M Power Awards are so aligned to this so when I was nominated I knew I just had to see it through and enter my submission. I'm not going to lie it took me agggggesssss to write my submission ........I read and re read the category options over and over, I just didn't feel like I was 'good enough' and was on the verge of not entering my submission……. I kept thinking..... yes I am in love with my business, yes I am 100% authentic, l live what I teach, but am I working towards curing some dreadful disease? No. Am I in talks with world leaders about a global peace plan? No. So, if I wasn’t doing anything this spectacular why would I deserve to win an award?This is the question I kept asking myself, and THEN it came to me, at exactly 1:00 in the afternoon en-route to collect Ren from Nursery. Yes of course we need all of those spectacular feats of wonder and kindness, but we also need day to day, ground level inspiration, support & love. That is me, that is Little Lotus Baby, a FINALIST in the M POWER NATIONAL BUSINESS AWARDS 2019. 

Thank You Nicola and all involved in the M Power Awards for seeing 'Us'. The ground workers, the Mumpreneurs who are making a difference at home and out there in communities far and wide (both virtual and real), the dreamers who are bringing magic to life and inspiring positive ripples to cascade into the world. For me, success is about the strength of the love ripple that I can create. The more that we can explore, support and nurture loves strength the better for our planet and all that live on it #lovenotcontrol. xx Colette xx

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