So I'm really into arrow designs at the moment. They first entered my radar after rens great uncle charted and explored his birth sky chart. One of the things he told us was that he was he would.......draw his bow and arrow, fire it and then with an undistractable focus forge his way forward to retrieve i, before firing it again.

In a nut shell it was about being focussed on one thing... . Dedicating all your focus in one direction, progressing, moving forward and reaching the target before starting again.

This has got me thinking about the symbolism of an arrow with regards to moving forward.

Setting your sights on a goal, being in the moment and not looking back or dwelling on the past.

So much of what has gone before can affect our every day and our destinations in life. There is a chance that the little chip on your shoulder, wounded ego or heart is causing you to mis-fire your arrow.

Take time to listen to yourself....get to know yourself and try and work through any negatives that are causing your arrow to stray off course.

Every positive thought you allow yourself gives you energy, ignites your heart and propels you closer to your desires. The flip side is that those pesky negative thoughts that creep in.... well, they drag at your heels, trip you up and scratch away at that chip.

What can you do?

be pro active! Don't wait for the negative feelings to creep in. Strategies to ensure that for the most part you have a strong line of defence ready to flick away any negatives. Try out some of these......

♡ Become a cheerleader to yourself.... remind yourself of how far you have come.....list all that you have achieved in a day, week, month, year or in your life....what ever you want. Keep this and read it as often as you need. Dont forget to add to it as well!

♡ Do something that you know will help you to feel good!.... Yes, you can plan in happiness.

♡ Write it out. Journaling is all the rage at the moment. But don't feel you have to 'journal' and write every day. You could just write out your negative feeling so that it is no longer bouncing around and around in your mind.

♡ Connect with someone...... tell a friend, family member, fb group buddy....any one you trust, how you are feeling. Listen to their positive comments.

♡ learn what your negativity triggers are so you can get your deffence ready before the barrage of thoughts begin.

If you have any fan straegies please share them could really help someone.

I'm going to leave you with this quote that my friend Georgina sent me.....

'An arrow can only be released by first pulling it back. When life pulls you back, it simply means your launching into something Amazing.'


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