Let's talk Chakras & Chaka Khan

Their names arn't the only similarity! 

Chaka Khan was born just like you and I, she brushes her teeth (hopefully) just as we do, not to mention all the other stuff..... my point being is that she is in some ways very normal.

However, in other ways she may seem out of reach due to her fame and aura of success. This is also similar to Chakras....

Chakras are normal, strip away all the mystics and you are left with a very simple and logical science. 

I'm no Chakra guru.....im just at the beginning of my learning journey. Maybe because of this I'm able to see the system of Chakras in a simplistic way.

CHAKRAS are energy clusters within your body. We all know about 'energy, It's all around us. The wind that blows, the growing plants, our hearts beating, our blood flowing, our brain neurons firing. Its all energy!

Our body is not just one ball of energy. It's made up of loads! Think about each organ that is doing its job within your body. They are all creating and using energy.

With this in mind it starts to seem far more logical and clearer that energy Chakras are everyday parts of reality.

One particular Chakra that can pose as an issue for many to get the head around is the 'crown chakra'. 

I was exploring this with a Mother at Baby Yoga joking about my old lady toe!!!....I seem to have developed rainards and so in cold weather I need to wrap up extra, extra warm just like an elderly version of myself. As I touched on the topic of Chakras ( in our session) I was able to simplify the science right down....(thanks to my elderly toe now nick named Gladdis). Sooo here goes....

The Crown chakra hovers above the head..... I know, I know this sounds a bit science fiction, but it's not....  let me ask you a question....

Why do humans wear hats in cold weather?

Because we lose a lot of heat from our heads. Now heat is also known as an energy...... see where I'm going with this?!

The notion of loosing energy heat from your head is believable and is part of our everyday thinking and consciousness. If we are happy with this notion then why not embrace Chakras? Why not acknowledge the different energy points within and around the body.

I really want to try and become more aware of chakra energy, it could benefit so many mothers during the first 3 years after birth. 

Did you know that it can take 3 years for your body and mind to fully adjust and replenish its self after pregnancy and birth (and BF).....

Becoming more aware of natural body/mind/energy systems could mean that we feel washed out and under the weather less frequently and are able to function at a 5 star level.



I'd love to hear what you think about Chakras?..... 

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