The Motherlution

Mothers are coming together all over the globe in lots of mini-revolutions. The mission: to listen to & nurture one another. The goal: empowered motherhood. We all have our own #mamaflow it's about enjoying and owning the unique experience of Motherhood. It's about feeling the freedom and being supported to become the Mum that is naturally apart of who you are as a person. It isn't always easy to be that person. Sometimes after childbirth 'things' or 'feelings' change. With this shift comes the need to re-locate your confidence and belief in yourself. This can be really tough in today's society where Mothers are often hurried through healing & processing the sheer magnitude of childbirth.

The vibrations that are dancing from the 'Mother Drum' are becoming louder and are attracting more and more attention. You can see it & feel it happening any time; day or night. The internet is alive with forums, social media platforms and groups all run by and/or dedicated to mothers connecting with each other. More Mothers are finding their own unique rhythm through the nurturing words of their tribeswomen. I see it at my Baby Yoga studio where Mothers connect from all different walks of life with all different views and parenting styles. They come-together, listen and nurture one another with a knowing smile or helpful advice. One very common factor that is uniting Mothers is conflict. When I use this word I am using it with the power that it owns and with the meaning of friction and hostility. I am talking about lack of compassion, respect & lack of diverse knowledge on the subject of Motherhood and how this has driven Mothers to unite and find comfort and camaraderie together. Why am I using words such as 'conflict', 'friction' & 'hostility' when talking about something as soft, gentle and loving as Motherhood?…….well, because many Mums feel these words have been written into their book of Mummy Memories and they certainly feature in mine. A peek into my bank of early Mummy Memories would probably look like I had been employed as an extra in a zombie apocalypse film! Unfortunately, postpartum life took its toll not just on my appearance (sleep deprived eyes, dull skin… know the drill) but on my mind as well. It was blown as if a hurricane had hurtled in, thrown everything around and then out. I was slower at processing information and dithery at making any kind of decision. I felt anxious about things that I would normally lightly flick away as if it were just another of my postpartum hairs departing. Safe to say I was not myself at was as if I was slowly fading into the background of life with no energy left to call for help.

Silent Reflux visited us uncountable times day and night and my heart ached as my little boys sweet face would fold into itself, his body becoming rigid with discomfort and his eyes pleading for me to stop the cycle. Our nights were filled with constant waking, feeding, cuddling, pushing off, kicking, grizzling, crying, singing, walking and by the morning all that was left for us to do was to just cling to one another.

Why am I telling you this? Well because this was the start of my journey into the Mummy Revolution. You see, at this point, I felt helpless and invisible as no one seemed to be listening or helping! Those words 'conflict', 'friction' & 'hostility' were all there standing next to me as I felt I had to battle to try and get any sensible help for my family. It was like I was on a conveyor belt, destination Postnatal Depression / Post Natal Anxiety and if I didn’t find some way of pressing the stop button things were going to get worse. The thing is, I am not in a small minority with this experience and this is why mothers are taking matters into their own hands and creating their own virtual and real-life sub-villages of support. At the core of our unification; we are all growing, nurturing and caring for our little ones. Strip it all back and back again and there you will find nature in it's truest form….new life & motherhood. Yet somehow it has all become so complicated and at times made to feel unnatural as Motherhood has been pushed into a corner. The Victorian ways of shutting Motherhood away it seems is still lingering.

Surely Motherhood should be the centrepiece of society, the heart of why we do what we do. It's not something to be rushed, brushed over or ignored. Instead, it should be utterly celebrated and awarded with the respect that it deserves. Open displays of love and compassion can often be confused with signs of weakness. 'Love' seems to have been labeled as being 'wishy-washy', 'for fairy tales', and not compatible with 'real life' or 'serious matters'. With this in mind, it is easy to see how Mothers who are often overflowing with love are perceived by some as being lesser members of society (than say a hardened business person). On further inspection its so clear that Mothers are strong. They are sculpting the future, teaching, developing and nurturing the adults of tomorrow as well as developing themselves both physically, mentally and spiritually. If history has taught us anything it is that we move forward, times change, things shift and evolve. Well, I think that momentum is gathering and #Motherhoodrising is a real and exciting prospect. With love at the helm listen to your instincts and not societies expectations. When your baby cries do what your body is urging you to do, pick them up and love them, don't be afraid to love. From my research as a Baby Massage & Baby Yoga instructor, I am excited to read more and more scientific papers that are helping to remind the world of the powerful, natural & positive bond between mother & child. Updated and upgraded information and education are crucial in creating the positive change that is needed to encourage the topic of Motherhood to be taken seriously.

Let's get this movement moving let's give love & Motherhood the recognition, time and profile that they deserve and see mothers and all that is encompassed within motherhood becoming respected and celebrated. This starts with you, this starts in your home, find and free your natural Mama/Papa flow. Use your empowerment to create positive ripples in your community, reach out to others and feel the love.

By Colette Bruce



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