Create a Cuddle Bubble

🤗💜 Cuddles Got Us Through 💜🤗 I know we are not cuddling in this first picture...I actually took this for affect to send to Brad after traveling home from Amsterdam alone with Ren (who had just turned 2 that week). This week I'm focusing on CUDDLES & today's post is about how cuddles got both Ren and I through the stresses and strains of airport travel with a toddler. Thinking back appart from a major lack of being accommodating of young children the journey was ok. The one thing thsy has stuck in my mind was waiting in a cramped area to board the plane. 

Ren wanted to run around, get toys out etc but I knew we needed to stay ready to board. obviously there was a tantrum! But we got through it and i used #lovenotcontrol . I took us into a love bubble....... i excluded the world around me so all I was focused on was us. This helped me stay as calm as I could be in this claustrophobic situation. I used my breathe to help soften my body and calm my heart rate and I sang and spoke to ren.  

You see I wasn't just cuddling him with my arms I was cuddling him with all our sences to help him to calm down and me to stay calm. here is how.... ♡ My arms wrapped around him to help keep him safe ♡ Steadying my breath calmed me down so I could tend to him. This also calmed my heart rate. ♡ Using my voice in a soft and familiar tone I explained how I knew he wanted to do 'x y z' and I knew he was sad because he couldn't but we needed to keep all our things safe and keep us safe...blablaba.... this helped me focus on why he was upset and that to him it was a genuine and justified reason. ♡ I sang to him a baby yoga song and we did a standing hold sequence. One we would do lots at home, One that was his fave and always helped bring a smile.... did you know singing can help calm your breath and relax your voice! ♡ My body felt soft....... I wasn't tense with stress. Your child can feel danger and stress through your body. If your body feels hard to touch because your Muscles are tense and you are tense then it sends a message to your child of stress and danger..... ♡ Facial a duck! If you want to created a cuddle bubble your face needs to promote calm safety.... so frowning etc is out haha.  

♡ Sence of freedom can come from movement and looking beyond the location you are in. This could be cuddling and swaying, looking out of the window and focussing on the outside world.......or doing some Baby Yoga......what ever. But moving rhythmically can really help calm down the body and brain.....for you both. 

♡ smell...... I made sure that I wasn't wearing any perfume on this day....why? because my mummy smell can mean the world to my Little chap and is part of the ingredients to the cuddle bubble

So I have explored in this blog  creating a cuddle that is all sences..... smell, touch, motion, sound and vision.

Yes I was exhausted when we got home but it was worth it! 

Xx Colette xx

On the bus traveling to the airport

at home having silly cuddles eating stringy pasta

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